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08-31-2003, 05:04 AM
ok, blue remembers what i was talking about..maybe, i'm in the market for a new amp and 2 new subs.. and i keep running into this number crunching, figuring out actual wattage yield for this certain amp, with this certain sub...and i can't help but wonder what the difference between a 400+ dollar alpine amp is going to do for me over a 200 to 300 dollar us acoustics, or profile... or the like. i mean, does tsunami fall in with the bottom end? any way, it falls into this, I've got a dual 10 sealed enclosure... 1 cubic foot for each sub, eyeballing amps and subs, having about a 400 to 500 dollar budget for subs and the amp, what the **** are these numbers going to mean to me?? i mean, i just want to wire the amp, throw in some subs, crank up the bass and forget the fact that i ever had a car!! i mean, is there anything out there in my budget, given the limitations, that will knock my ear drums and my car into next week?? seriously. anyway, if you guys have any input, it's greatly apprieciated, i just don't see it being worth wasting money, i've got the dough, i want to drop the cash, install it, and never upgrade the protege's system again. where do i turn?

08-31-2003, 09:57 AM
Okay - $500 to knock your car into next week, huh?

Might be tough - but it IS do-able.

Elemental subs have been widely praised, and I'm not sure you can do much better on a budget. So let's try to use 'em.

The K series 10's are $125 each direct from eD. Not bad, and they'll handle 325 watts RMS. I'd say grab a pair.

So now you've got about $250 to spend on an amp.

I would choose one of the JBL BP series amps. You can either buy:

The 600.1, and get the single 4 ohm VC subs. OR:

The 1200.1, and get the Dual 4 ohm VC subs.

Either way, you can get 600+ watts pumping to the Ks. The only advantage to getting the 1200.1 is that you have headroom for future upgrades if you wish. ****, with 1200 on tap, you could buy another pair of K-10's down the road and not need another amp.

But if your goal is to keep it simple, and only do this once, I think the 600.1 will suit you just fine.

eD subs - $250 direct
JBL 600.1 - $189 shipped from Ikesound.com.

This leaves you plenty of dough to grab a 4 gauge wiring kit from knukonceptz.com.

IMHO - this setup would be plenty loud, with excellent sound quality, and on a good budget.

I could recommend even cheaper setups, but for a do-it-once-and-don't-touch-it-again system, I don't want to see you experiment (like me).

This won't be the loudest on the block, but you WILL have plenty of thump. Plenty.


blue LEDz
08-31-2003, 10:22 AM
for subs, i figure you've got only a few options. the K-series are always my top choice, but as a second pick i'll suggest the type R's from alpine. they are $120 from pureaudio:

as far as amps go, you've got quite a few options. avionixx puts out some great amps, and they can be bought direct from ED for a good price. either the AXA 500m or the AXT 800.2 will work. with the 500m, you'd need the dual 2 ohm subs, and with the 800.2 you'd need the dual 4 ohm subs. both amps have great specs and a 2 year warranty.
next there is the alpine MRD-M500. asylum has this amp, i believe, and i'm sure he'll be able to give you more info about it;) this one would also need the dual 2 ohm subs to create a final load of 2 ohm. the amp is a little higher in price at $340, but it is also a very solid amp.
if you want a good entry level amp, the JBL BP600.1 will work well for you. i'm personally hesistant to recomend it, cause i've heard of some problems with them, but i've also heard a lot of good things about them, which is why i'm putting it in the list. it's $209 off pureaudio, but it can be found for cheaper elsewhere.
this one would need the dual 2 ohm subs also.
now as a final recomendation, just in case you get the urge to give some more power to the subs, the planet audio P850D would be great. planet audio makes a great solid product, and it'll put out 600 watts into a 2 ohm load, so you'll need the 2 ohm subs. it'll also put out 850 at 1 ohm, so you could get the dual 4 ohm subs and push more power to them;) i'm not positive, but i believe that planet audio rates their subs in the 12 volt range, like avionixx;) it's $290 at pureaudio

yeah, i know most of my recomendations go a little over the $500 limit, but if you don't want to upgrade in the future, start off with good solid products in the beginning:D now, with some searching you can probably find the product cheaper on other sites, and put things in your price range;)

08-31-2003, 03:53 PM
damn right alpine represent :D

Anyway hehe now that thats out...

Lets start at the top.....the difference between the alpine amp and somethin glike a profile... I actually just had my alpine type r 12" hooked up to a profile clarious 600w amp that I bought off ebay brand new for $125. It sounded good when I was using it to run my old infinity ref. 6x9's but they were exactly clean to begin with...but when i hooked it up to my sub, it sounds like **** and I asked the store why and they said it was the amp so i bought the m500 and now hte bass is nice and tight.... basicialy the alpine amp is a cleaner amp and the options on it arent great

(ie: onboard tiem correction, x-over, gain, EQ, memory settings, the Alpine Remote amp control center which is another $100 but its awsome, because you can control all of these and a few others from your seat and its just a lil remote with an LCD screen and buttons and you can control up to 8 amps with it.)

Now if you want something to blow you into next week, dont get teh type R subs... they hit hella hard and tight but still not the hardest... of course I oinly have one 12 so it could be better with 2 iono though. So for hard hitting go wtih teh ED k series. if you want something that you can turn your head unit up all the way on volume and bass all; the way up and it not distort than the type r is for you....

So basically for BREAK your back when bass hits but not as clean, get the ED k series....


for the leave bruises but not break, get the type R's but they wont distort i promise you.(unless its the amp)

for amps:
my opinion...is you get what you pay for in amps and HU's

blue LEDz
08-31-2003, 06:02 PM
asylum24, have you heard ED's subs?:confused: i've heard misterT's 12's, and they sounded sweet. nice and tight for a set of 12's. ED designs their subs for SQ. the SPL is just a byproduct;) kinda like W7's and brahma's:D but i will agree that there is an audible difference between a nice amp and a ****ty amp;)

09-01-2003, 12:50 AM
yea i did an install in a friends 89 300z twin turbo.... 2 10" in seperate tubes(he bought everything and i just put it in) i dont the specifics of the model but it was soo friggin loud but of course the subs fired in to the back of the passenger and drivers seat cuz he didnt care if the back seat was down.

09-01-2003, 06:45 AM
alrighty, thanks guys, my first battle is choosing the subs, and then choosing an amplifier to power the subs. i'm currently eyeballing my box size and xmax figures for each sub, as well as rms wattage and what not. each sub, the TypeR SWR-1041D and the EDesigns 10k44 have around 300 watts RMS that they recommend, and are both dual 4 ohm voice coil, meaning with either sub decision, i could run a 1 or 4 ohm load, i can even go for the TypeR SWR-1021D or the EDesigns 10k14 and pull a 2 ohm load...and the swr1021D will also allow me to drop to a 0.5 ohm load :p . in all seriousness, i figure i can get 2 TypeR SWR-1021D's, and the Alpine MRD-M500 (push 250 to each sub at 2 ohms) for $547.18 from electrified.com to my door with ups ground. i keep thinking... i want more wattage, so i could also go with the Tsunami DB1100 amplifer and 2 EDesigns 10k44 subs (pushing 550 watts @ 1 ohm) for $514.14 with shipping OR i can get the Avionixx AXT 800.2 and the same subs (push 400 watts to each sub) for $564.14 with shipping. ANY way i cut it, i'm getting digital class power within my price range, and to tell you the truth, digital was a big deciding factor on what i wanted.. i need clean power, but i also wanted an efficient system that also wouldn't drain my wallet! i'm an avid fan of JBL amplifiers, i have a JBL Loud and Clear 50x4 or 200x1 4 channel amp, it was used for 2 years, i've had it for 1 year, and it's treated me GREAT, though who has actually heard these higher powered JBL amps run?

oh, and another match up, tsunami db1100 amp for 285 and two alpine subs from ike sound (4ohm DVC running 1ohm total load) for 94 a piece.. price?? anywhere from $480 to $530... what do you guys think? i really don't know what sounds good, and only way i'm going to know is checking out tweeter's sound room for their typeR subs ...err.. or circuit city.

my other question is, the manufacturers (alpine and edesigns) recommend the box volume for each sub be under 0.8 cu/ft... like i said, i have a dual 10 inch box with 1.0 cubic foot per sub.. is there any considerations i should make? or just go out and buy some polyfil? thanks for your help, with you're guidance, i've done some research, these are the combinations that interest me, what do you guys think? good to mix it up brands or not? i mean, i've heard even some of the most trusted installers in my area say, some subs and some amps only sound good when their paired up with their own counterpart! key example, bazooka subs supposedly only sound good on bazooka amps, as they were engineered to work with each other? and with this, i know alpine puts ALOT of research and development into their products, would it be smart to mix alpine subs with another brand's amplifier? probably just bull****, i'm just curious
thanks guys.

09-01-2003, 07:38 AM
you can mix and match.. it wont matter and the type R's want around .7 to 1.0 cubic foot.. mine right now is in a .8 sealed so it should fine

blue LEDz
09-01-2003, 10:30 AM
i'd personally go with the AXT 800.2
it'll give you plenty of power, and it's rather efficient. not to mention the class T amps are the newest technology in high end amps. as far as subs go, i'd go with the K-series, cause it's a great all around sub, giving high excursion, high SQ, and quality design and build. not to mention a 3 year warranty:D and the avionixx amp has a 2 year warranty. the only downside with ED is call first to make sure they actually have some in stock. otherwise it could be a while before they can ship what you order:(

09-03-2003, 12:26 AM
too many words in this thread, so i'll just post my thoughts.
go with the edesign 10's.
tsunami amps will be put on ebay, so if ur thinking about one contact ben asap.
not sure if anyone mentioned this, but autotek sx amps are solid. and on the net they are pretty cost-effective.


09-03-2003, 04:59 PM
Ok guys, i was talking to the guys at ED on the phone... very helpful, and the one problem he saw with me running 2 K series subs at 1 cubic foot a shot was the subs only require .5 cubic feet.. so in order to properly mount this task, i was thinking about PORTING my current box and running the Tsunami DB1100 amp and 2 E10K.14 subs... pushing around the RMS.. 325 watts a piece @ 2 ohms.. stable, cool running and plenty of power... attatched is a port design i came up with using his specifications... using 3 inch pvc pipe, some elbows, port legth of 21.6 inches tuned to 28Hz.. so blue, anybody... does this work? heh