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10-31-2003, 12:39 AM
What do you guys think....much help is appreciated. Here's my set up in my new '03 Pro 5 purchased from the fine folks at good ole e-bay

-Kenwood deck
-Infinity Kappa 10.5 tweeters in sail panels (50 W RMS/150 peak)
-Infinity Kappa 5x7 2-way in front doors (100 W RMS/300 peak)
-Infinity Kappa 6.5 3-way in rear doors (75 W RMS/225 peak)
-Infinity Pefect 10" sub yet to be installed (350 W RMS/ 1400 peak)

1) SQ bass responce from sub and louder/clearer sound from the other components.

I have not purchased an amp yet, so should I...
1) Go with a high end multichannel amp for the doors and a seperate amp to the sub, or....

2) A cheaper option... forget about an amp for the components (they sound ok now) and just buy one for the sub...I was thinking 2 channel @ 500 Watts RMS (Rockford Punch or Kenwood? I dunno, I'm pretty in the dark when it comes to amp brands?)

I'm not on a super tight budget, I will spend what it takes to do it right as long as it doesn't kill me.

Also, what would be an appropriate size enclosure for this sub (I saw on on e-bay for like $25, .66 cu.ft., 3/4 in MDF) I want to take up as little space in my hatch as possible.

Thanks fellas for all your help, I'll take some pics when I get it in an crankin. Any recommendations based on your knowledge and experience will be very helpful...


10-31-2003, 04:52 AM
DON'T "forget about the amp for the components".

Yes, the Infinity speakers will sound pretty good off the deck. But if you want to hear them really sing, you MUST amp 'em up. The difference will be night and day.

Since rear speakers are not very important, I would only amp the fronts. Give them about 100 watts RMS, and you'll just about be able to make your ears hurt. ;)

I also would not go with 500 watts to that sub, unless you know you can "control yourself" from over-cranking it. I owned a Perfect 10, and a combination of a VERY small enclosure and a little too much power blew the woofer.

For that speaker, make SURE it's in a good-sized enclosure. I know Infinity recommends something like .6-1.0 cubic feet. .6 is not going to work well - go for something 1.0 cubic feet or a bit larger, and it'll sound great and get nice and loud. Anything smaller hinders how "low" the sub can play, and also really cuts back the output badly.

There are so many amp manufacturers, it's nearly impossible to make a recommendation. But I can recommend NOT to use Kenwood (good equipment - just not good amps), and that Rockford has gone down in quality also.

The important thing is that the amp puts out the power it says it does. Really good amps will put out MORE than they claim to do - which means that when it puts out it's "rated" power, the amp is not over-working.

I would look for about a 200-watt, 2-channel amp (100 per channel) for your fronts and something around 400 watts for the sub. You can buy more power for the sub, but you'll have to keep yourself from over-doing it.


blue LEDz
10-31-2003, 03:12 PM
Originally posted by hihoslva
DON'T "forget about the amp for the components".

that's the only problem with what you said, the components are in the back doors:( i'm assuming you just missed that;)

and what components? 5x7" 2-ways in front doors, new tweets, i am assuming are seperate from the 5x7's, and 6.5" 3-ways in the rear doors. i'd remove the 5x7's and tweets, and put in actual components. anyways, if you want to keep it cheap, get a 4 channel amp, and bridge the rear channels for the sub. then keep running the rear speakers off your head unit. you'll have to tell us what the ohm load for the sub is. what is the exact model # of it? is it dual 4 ohm or single? if it's single voice coil, almost any 100x4 amp will work for you. if you want a cheap amp, but good quality, crunch amps are now back up to the standard they had years ago when there were good amps;) till last year they had gone to ****, since they were sister companies with pyramid:( but they got bought out and are now back up to good standard, while still being very good prices;) the BlackMaxx BLX480 would be a nice amp, and it's cheap as hell. 4x80, so you'll get 80 watts to each front speaker, and bridge the rear for 320 watts to the sub:biggrin:

10-31-2003, 04:01 PM
Thanks guys. The sub is an Infinity Perfect SVC w/ 4 ohm load. I bought it used with out the specs on proper box design. I want it to sound good, but don't want to spend $100 + on a custom fabricated box either...is this possible?

I found a used Alpine V12 MRV-F352 5 channel amp on ebay that looks appropriate for what I want to do. Thanks for the info on the crunch, i'll check it out.:biggrin:

BTW the tweeters in the front doors are seperate from the 5x7's. So you think 1 should go with a component set vs the two seperate?:confused:

Much appreciated.....

blue LEDz
10-31-2003, 04:33 PM
you can just get a premade sealed box that is about 1 cu ft. that should be about $50. components are properly matched mid bass and tweeters, with it's own cross over. i won't install anything but components in the front of my car;)

11-02-2003, 10:18 AM
infinity makes 5X7 components now, but i'm not sure if HE has them, and the only model they come in is the reference. If you have a circular saw and a jig saw, you can make your own box for about 15 bucks. sealed boxs are pretty straight forward.