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02-16-2006, 02:29 AM
Please note: This writeup is for a 2006 model -- the earlier models seem to have slightly different stereo options, so the steps may be slightly different, although the overall concept is the same. Update: I don't know how the newer models are either.

Well, I got my Mazda 3 at a bargain price, so I didn't quite get all the options I wanted. My order finally arrived, and now I can change that. :)

First thing I did -- change the single CD unit to a 6CD / MP3 changer.

I took a look at vaboom's excellent cardomain page to get me started

Step one: Open the glovebox, and carefully remove the "carbon fiber" looking trim, from passenger side to drivers side. There are three clips above the glovebox, and then you pull firmly straight forward, where there is a clip next to the ignition switch. Remove it gently, noting there is a hook all the way on the pasenger's side.

Two: Remove the two holding screws, and carefully slide out the LCD / headunit / faceplate combo. Be very gentle.

Three: Unplug all wires, and gently remove the stereo the rest of the way.

Four: You'll have something that looks like this on the right. On the left is my replacement CD changer.

Five: [no detailed pic] There are four red screws on each side that need to be removed. One is toward the rear, and holds in a small clip. For the other three, be sure to note their location, as there are extra holes. Remove all eight, and slide the main headunit out from the LCD / faceplate.

Six: Now slide the LCD / face-place combo onto the new CD changer until it is in securely, and properly lined up. Don't force it! It should go in smoothly. Reinstall all eight screws, including the two small metal clips, in the proper locations.

Seven: Here is an illustration of future things to come. The stock amp is pretty darn weak, but I want to fix that, without cutting any stock wiring. I ordered Metra 70-7903 (into stock wiring harness) and Metra 71-7903 (into the rear of the stock headunit). I am going to put Line Output Converters and wire it all in, so the stock headunit is still there but the speakers are amplified by a nice amp. I have High-Level inputs on my amp, but it has some kind of connector that I'm missing for that. This is just a mock-up because I don't have everything ready yet.
UPDATE: The Metra harnesses do not include the extra wires that allow the LCD and steering wheel controls to function. You must manually add the wires or get a product like this:

Eight: Now, plug everything back in, and slide the unit in most of the way. Test functionality. Remember, all station presets will have to be reprogrammed.
OK, radio works!
Sweet -- six CD!

You can cycle through what the LCD displays with the bottom left knob, by pushing on it. If the name is longer than the LCD's display, you can turn the knob to scroll left and right.

Nine: Now that we've verified functionality, slide the unit in all the way, CAREFULLY, as the LCD can get squished if not inserted properly. Reinstall the two screws.

Ten: Reinstall the trim, taking note of the hook on the passenger side! Slide that in first, and then snap in all the other foor trim clips by pushing firmly.



Also note, when I was ordering the changer, it said there was a faceplate required... I didn't ever need it. What I suspect is, it just says MP3 near the Load button. [i]If you have the earlier models, where there is no "Load" button present, you may need to.

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Metallica till I come. lol

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very nice write up charles... I thought you traded in the 92 protege though... good to know your still working on the BP.

02-16-2006, 10:38 PM
I doubt I could get any money as a trade-in.

03-06-2006, 07:45 PM
I installed the auto-dimming mirror 2 weeks ago. I forgot to post an update. I don't feel like doing a how-to, as I didn't get clear enough pictures, and there is a nice how-to out there. I programmed the Homelink to open the garage door. It's awesome!

I also installed an E-spec passenger side view mirror. The glass is the same, except it doesn't say "Objects in rear view mirror are closer than they appear", and, it's heated! I just need to find a driver's side one. ;) Canada also had heated mirrors, so that may be a better source.

11-08-2009, 08:03 PM
edit: I've been able to update the original post with newly uploaded images. Please enjoy.

01-13-2010, 04:24 PM
I would like to do the same. Where did you get the replacement CD player?