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12-14-2003, 01:50 AM
I just got my new Mazda 3 on Friday and since I have picked up the car I have been very impressed with it.

The ride is excellent I like the ride firm and the Mazda 3 is well controlled. Over bumps no thud sounds and excellent road feel even on the highway.

You get a bit of wheel hop under hard acceleration when the road was wet. Not sure on dry pavement have to wait till the motor has 1000km. Car has now 205km.

Steering is precise and the motor revs nicely but since I got the car at 5km I have not rev it past 5000rpm.

Road noise is not bad pretty quiet and the car rev very nicely. I have the basic 2.0L and drove the 2.3 GT 4dr last Wen.

The 2.3l motor is Very Smooth all the way to 6500 since it was not my car rev limit is 7000rpm:biggrin: Does not make sense rev past 6500 power drops after. I'm impressed with the 2.3L. :)

Fit and finish is excellent and I love the interior but the back seat seems a bit small compared to my older winter car a 2000 Civic.

Car warms up fast and still there was heat in it 1 hour later the damm civic would have been freezing. :)

Yes the glove box is Huge!! You also get bottle holder in each of the 4 doors plus the driver console.

The car comes with a projection head lamp so light is distributing evenly across the road;) Uses a H7 bulb got to change that bulb tomorrow.

Mazda 3 will kick ass for the next 4 years compared to the 2001+ Civic which is **** the suspension bounces around and the front struts leak and most important they have no power :biggrin:

The Corolla is good value for the money but for older people. :biggrin: damm but Im not a young kid :)

I can see it taking first place in sales for small cars as it already won best economy car and sport car under $35,000 here in Canada. :) Both the 4dr and 5 door won awards.

I need to upgrade the factory speakers does anybody know what size they are. The speakers fit in the doors and looks from the outside like 6 1/2"

The factory in dash cd plays back Cdrw disc :)

12-14-2003, 11:45 AM
Excellent write up. Did you get the HID headlights or the regular halogens. Either way they probably project light real well. My friend as an 01 Celica w/ projectors and they are awesome at lighting up the road.

12-14-2003, 06:31 PM
The basic headlamp uses H7 bulbs and I went and bought some new bulbs today hopefully it will make the light more white. :)

Got the cheap Eurolite Fusion Series bulb at Pacific Mall for $23.00

I wanted the Super Plasma but they had none. I wonder if the stock wiring will support 70watt for the low beam since the high beam uses 60 or 65watt ??

Yes the light distribution is even across the road far better than the standard type head lamps. ;)

The difference to the HID is just the bulb and ballast etc.. Same head lamp housing.

Drove the car today the stock tires are pretty good driving straight or when trying to stop.

Low traction on move off and going on the 407 West ramp today McCowan north the car almost slide into the guard rail at low speed:eek: , Had to sink the clutch and it straighten up right away. :)

The road was not clear this was at 10:30am.

Going to buy 4 snow tires this week and try them Cum ho I'zen Stud KW-11 (kumho) Ha ha :biggrin: they got rated in consumers magazine as best snow tires for the price and they are cheap. :) for speed rated less than 118mph.

Rated over Michelin Artic Alpin, Dunlop Graspic DS 1, Goodyear Ultra Grip ice etc..