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10-12-2009, 11:12 PM
what's up? I used to be Slowpro98, too lazy to find the old login/email whatever, so here I am. My wife's old 98 Protege died a few years ago, and now we got a puppy, a BIG puppy and she won't fit in my roadster, so I'm working on the jelly bean. I have been pulling all my upgrades and stuff off and put em on my miata, TONS of interchangability.

Previous mods include; KYB with stock springs, Magnaflow catback +resonator that I got from an escort guy.

issues; no break lights when headlights on; think it might be the missing 3rd break light. need to sort that whole mess out.

Mold! gotta gut the carpet, and clean the daylights out of the seats. rear seats will be covered in old sheets

tints are peeling= dont care

radio= stripped for now

auto shifter stalk, the button broke, so I ripped the whole knob off and push down on the sharp plastic. I think I'm going to drill out a golf ball+ resin and just zip tie the overdrive button.

Been done;
new plug wires+plugs+new battery+air filter

Up next:
-Purge fuel system
-injector cleaner
-Oil Change
-Flush radiator
-new fuel filter
-turn rotors+ new pads
-snow tires + Miata facotry rims( or ASA JS1+falken)