View Full Version : 97 dx / 03 dx

02-15-2011, 12:12 PM
Thought I'd post this here since I got the 97 DX first and just picked up the 03 DX this past weekend.

Once I think about all the changes I've made to the 97 I'll update the thread.

97 started at 122k miles. AT with 1.6. 03 has 114k miles with a MT and 2.0.

97 was severely rusted...I have replace what I could until this point. What remains is replacing the rear crossmember and trapezoidal links and the driver's side steering knuckle. Right side has been replaced with one from an Escort which gives me the larger brakes, caliper, and rotor. Left side remains to be replaced.

03 just needs the two right interior door handles replaced, one wheel cover on the right, and window tinting. I'd like to find me an LX driver's seat and install cruise control if possible.

I do prefer the black/gray two toned interior of the 03 and would like to someday make the 97 match in all regards.