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Thread: P1195- EGR boost Sensor

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    P1195- EGR boost Sensor

    The dreaded CEL came on my 98 Protege and I took it to a local auto shop. The person diagnosed it as the P1195 code. He said something about the EGR boost sensor so I have a few questions..

    1) What is the EGR boost the same as an oxygen sensor??

    2) He said it'll cost around $500 to replace it, do you think he is scamming?

    Anybody ever had a similar problem??

    Also an ideas on how to reset the CEL??

    Thanks a ton!!

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    I did a search for Egr boost Sensor and found 5 threads discussing it.

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    EGR port cleaning ?

    I have read as many posts as I can find on this code. 98 Pro 1.5, auto, 193k, no driveability issues. I've cleaned the TB w/out removing it, checked all vacuum hoses, replaced PCV, wires, plugs, AF, fixed an intake tube leak, Techron fuel cleaner treatment. I tried to insert a small drill bit into the intake plenum vacuum hose fitting that leads from the plenum to the boost sensor from the outside as recommended to clean any carbon block but it seemed to hit something solid about 3/4" or so in. Should the drill bit be able to go further than that? Is that the carbon that needs to be cleared? If I push the bit further in will it be hitting something it shouldn't? Will it hurt to spray TB cleaner into that fitting? I plan on eventually removing the TB and EGR valve for cleaning but wanted advice on just clearing that hose fitting first to see if it would restore proper vacuum to the boost sensor and clear the code for good. Haynes manual on order but wanted some advice from this forum. If all of this doesn't work, I'll get the sensor itself tested but dealer price on a new boost sensor is $400+! This forum has been a big help. Thanks in advance.

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    500 is insanity for just a boost sensor! Its no bigger than a quarter and literally takes 2 seconds to install. Go to a junkyard find your model protege and pocket that ****!

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    i just paid $30 for a boost sensor on ebay!!!

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    You just bumped a 6 yrold thread
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    Is there anyway to test this sensor? I just had my intake off and cleaned out all the EGR passages and the EGR valve and put new seals on the injectors and now I am getting the P1195 code. Never even touched it although there is a vacuum line to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtbikedad View Post
    Is there anyway to test this sensor?
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    The SST is basically 12volts switched. You can do it with a 9v battery.

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