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Thread: OBD Incomplete Monitor, Drive cycle, failed inspection

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    OBD Incomplete Monitor, Drive cycle, failed inspection

    Here's what worked to get incomplete monitors to complete for inspection on our 1998 Protege with 1.5L

    Heres what I found, digging through old posts, public library and internet.

    Air check Texas mentions idle speed adjustments for 96-97 Mazda Protege
    Mentions that base idle engine speed out of spec. will prevent monitors from running. Good tips for other vehicles as well.

    At your public library refer to:
    Mitchells "Engine Performance Service and Repair 1998 Imported"
    It contains idle and timing adjustment procedures, has graphs of the Mazda OBD Drive Cycles.

    Other posts on this board indicate to check timing, I did and it was exactly 10deg BTDC. To check timing, set idle first assure TEN and GND are jumpered and check timing. Timing light on crankshaft agreed with timing display on scan tool.

    To set base idle speed on 1998 Protege with 1.5L
    1.) Warm engine to normal operating temperature.
    2.) Shut off engine.
    3.) Locate diagnostic connector under hood, on wheel well directly over drivers side tire.
    4.) In diagnostic connector jumper the TEN and GND connectors.
    Which pins are they you ask? TEN is shown as T below and GND as G below
    Here are first rows of pins, dots represent rest of connector rows beneath those of interest which are not illustrated.

    xx Tx

    5.) Hookup your scan tool to display engine rpm's in the OBD connector in the driver compartment just over the parking brake.
    6.) Restart car.
    7.) Adjust the phillips/slotted head screw on the top of the throttle body whose head points directly up. Adjust to 700 rpm. Do not adjust the screw down below that acts like a stop for the throttle cable rotator assembly.
    8.) Shut off car, remove TEN and GND connector

    Ready for the OBD drive cycles:
    Follow cycle 1 and 2 below , shut car off wait 30 sec. and repeat the procedure again so entire thing is repeated twice. Then shutoff car, wait 30 sec and restart to check to see if monitors passed!

    All I needed was drive cycle 1 and 2 for EGR, O2Sensor and Catalyst to complete.

    Drive cycle 1
    Start (car should be warmed up already)
    All electrical stuff off.
    Assure all diagnostic jumpers are off.
    Idle (in park or neutral)
    Rev engine to 2500 rpm(1.5L) or 2000rpm (1.8L) for at least 15sec.(in park or neutral)
    Rev engine to 4000 rpm for at least 15 sec.(in park or neutral)
    Idle for at least 20 sec.

    Drive cycle 2
    Idle for 3 min.
    Accelerate to 55mph in 5th or D for 1 min.
    decel to stop

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    god damn, i wish i understood half of what was written cuz i am sure i am gonna need it someday.

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    Background info on incomplete monitors

    My original post was a followup to problems I was having getting our car to pass inspection. In N.Y. the annual inspection consists of a safety inspection and emissions inpection. The OBD (on board diagnostic) computer in your car runs several tests as you drive to test certains sensors etc. You can fail the emissions inspection for two reasons:
    1.) The tests have been run and the cars computer has discovered a bad sensor, faulty system etc. The error code (called a DTC, diagnostic test code) will indicate what the fault was. Usually the MIL (or malfunction indicator light) will light on your dashboard.
    2.) The tests (called "monitors") don't run and are shown as "incomplete", hopefully they all show "complete", but if they don't you fail. Usually the MIL light will not light for incomplete monitors. Incomplete monitors occur under some expected conditions and in this case an unexpected condition. Expected conditions might include: when you clear a DTC code (see below) the computer needs to rerun the test and its considered incomplete until you perform the driving (OBD drive cycle) that it needs to run the test. Another expected condition is when you change the battery and let the computer loose power, causing it to loose its memory. It looses its history and determines that all tests need to be rerun.
    The unexpected condition in this problem is that the monitors wouldn't run if the idle speed was too high, no matter what kind of driving you do. The garage will tell you to just drive it, but in this case it won't help.

    What is a diagnostic scan tool:
    You need to hook up a tool (called a "scan tool") to talk to the OBD computer in your car and see what going on. Some scan tools have more functionality than others. Cheaper ones will only display DTC codes and permit you to clear them. More expensive ones will display "monitor" status as incomplete or complete. Some will show oxygen sensor waveforms, that graph voltages that the oxygen sensors are putting out.

    Refer to the previous threads for more descriptions:
    Thanks to all who contributed to these to help get me going!

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    Nice write up. Meant to mention this earlier but I forgot.
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