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Thread: Questions about motor swaps....

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    Maybe a bell housing swap?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jay View Post
    .....they totally underestimated the number of gearheads such as myself that have families but refuse to grow the hell up and stop playing with cars, or that otherwise see the utility of having 4 doors. Obviously I ain't alone, as there are a helluva lotta sti and evo here. Bueler? Beuler? Mazda? Mazda?

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    I'll have to if what Shawn says is true. I just posted the question over at since I don't have an engine here yet.

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    when I get home from work ill throw up a picture of my KL bellhousing against the BP's

    internally they are the same (when comparing similar years)

    thats probably where the idea of them bolting up comes from.
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    do they make turbp manifolds for the 1.5 and headers

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    Hi guys! Newbie to mazda protege. Bear with me for this is kinda long.

    I got a 96 model 323, recently changed the engine (1600 DOHC) as it was going out and replace with an BP1800 DOHC. The swap was fine however, the idling is hunting so we figured that the throttle & idle air was dirty so cleaned it. Idling still the same. goes up and down between 1.2k to 500 rpm. I then removed the idle air that came with BP engine and put in the old one from the old engine and also the MAF.

    Idle became stable, though if I switched on the A/C, it goes down from normal idle of 800 to 400, so I adjusted the idle between 1k - 900. Used it for a month without any problems.

    Yesterday, I did an oil changed and advance the ignition timing to 14 degrees. Drove it around after and everything was fine. Before shutting the engine, I rev it twice to see if smoke would come out of the tail pipe and the idling became erratic again and stayed on 1,500k rpm. I adjusted the idle to 1k, shut off the engine. waited a few minutes the started it. Idling was between 500 and 300, so adjusted it again to 950k. This morning, When I started the car, the idling stayed at 1,500k rpm again. I also noticed that the o2 sensor located at the exhausted manifold was not connected, looked for the wire but there was none. Probably the tech that did the wiring somehow forgot or deleted the wire for the o2 sensor.

    What could be the cause of the erratic idling? could it be the o2 sensor or is the idle air sensor bad? Thanks

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    Has anyone tried to put the ZL engine in a 2nd gen?
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