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Thread: My Project.....

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    Okay guys.... I am interested in starting my new project. I still have a ton going on as my wife is undergoing chemo and my aunt (who I am DPOA for) had a stroke and I now have her under hospice care, but I want to organize one day to get four or five guys with tools over to my house to do the big swapping. I want to swap the motor, tranny, ECU, wiring harness, power brakes, power steering, A/C (the new car doesn't have power steering nor power brakes nor A/C), all four disc brakes, suspension and maybe some interior pieces, but mainly the big stuff where having lots of hands will be helpful. I don't expect to get anywhere near being able to start the motor much less run the car. I just want to get to the point where I can do the smaller things. I am hoping to do this on a Saturday in August. Let me know if there is a possibility of anybody coming over. I'll try contacting some of you guys personally, but I'm hoping that maybe some of you can contact people that I have lost contact with like Danny (and Danny). I am sure that Matt is out now that he is a daddy. That's cool. Let me know!!!!

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