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Thread: Engine Workshop Manual FS

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    Engine Workshop Manual FS

    This factory manual for the FS-DE engine contains ~ 50 pages and is divided into two main sections: General Information and Engine. The part number is: 9999-95-193D-98. The layout is as follows:

    General Information
    How To Use This Manual
    SAE Standards
    Fundamental Proceedures
    Electrical Systems

    Engine Overhaul Service Warning
    Engine Mounting/Dismounting
    Engine Disassembly/Assembly
    Engine Inspection/Repair

    Oil Pump Disassembly/Assembly
    Oil Pump Inspection

    Technical Data

    Service Tools

    I obtained my manual from Montgomery Mazda:

    The cost was US $30.00 and shipping was free. The service was extremely prompt - I received my manual one day after it was ordered. Even if you're not planning to rebuild an engine, the information contained here is worth acquiring. Montgomery Mazda apparently no longer sells the manual and I don't know about its availability generally from other dealers. To obtain a copy it might be necessary to search online. E-Bay is often a good source for automotive manuals.

    All FS-DE engines (2001-2003) are covered as supplied in the sedan, MP3, and P5. Since the basic engines are the same, the manual can also be used for the FS-DET (turbo) engine.

    The manual covers removal of the engine from the car and complete disassembly, inspection, repair and reassembly of the head, block and internal components of all FS engines. Operations such as removing motor mounts and the description of the layout of all vacuum lines are not covered. For this information, as well as removal and replacement of such things as the intake and exhaust manifolds and all engine accessories, you need to consult the FSM.

    Finally, according to TheMAN's FAQ, The FS Engine Manual can also be used to rebuild the FP-DE 1.8 L engine. As TheMAN explains it, the FP is essentially a destroked version of the FS with all specifications the same except for the connecting rod length, center-to-center distance, (129.2 mm; 5.087") and the intake camshaft lobe height (43.0062 mm; 1.6931").

    Happy Motoring!
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    FS is the same to ES engine? need help pleaseee

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    Just exactly what are you asking? I'm not trying to be mean, just clear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramiro27 View Post
    FS is the same to ES engine? need help pleaseee
    All 2.0 L 2001-2003 Protege sedans and '02-'03 P5s were fitted with the FS-DE engine. The only exception was the '03 MSP with the FS-DET (turbo) engine.

    You may be confusing engine type with trim level:
    The 2.0 L 2001-2003 models were available in both the LX and ES trims.
    The 2002-2003 models were additionally available in the DX trim.

    If you have a 2.0 L Protege with the ES trim, it's equipped with the FS-DE engine.

    Happy Motoring!
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