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Thread: need help damaged piston / head look at the pics

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    Angry need help damaged piston / head look at the pics

    Hi I'm doing the headgasket job on my BP. And I need some advice before the re-assembling When I lifted the head I notice that on the piston #4 there's some small dent on top like if somebody punched it with a flat screwdriver or so. and on the head side too . wondering what to do with that . Anybody knows if I can run with a piston like that or not. and maybe dumb question but what all the black means ...too rich or too lean

    the block

    Zoom on piston #4 (look on top and bottom of the piston)

    on the head


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    That's asking for ping and detonation and bad stuff. Looks like something got in there and rattled around for a bit. Take a good hard look at that plug, see if some ceramic came off the center electrode. Maybe a light application of emery paper would help smooth those scars out. Use a shop vac while doing this, and go lightly. What's the bore look like?

    Might be running just a tad rich. You also wanna take a good look in the ports on that cyl, make sure there's no damage there either. Prolly wanna compress the valve springs so you can take a peek at the seats as well.
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    I have the same problem with my BPT, part of the spark plug electrode snapped off and dimpled the piston, scraped the bore but no head damage. It was running rich on high boost (previous owner had thrashed it) so it could have detonation

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    Head you could most likely get resurfaced and it should be good to use.. Piston shows some damage.. I might consider reusing it again.. If it wasn't boosted I wouldn't have a problem with reusing it.. But with boost thats up to you..

    Have a really good look at your valves, especially your exhaust valves.. make sure they aren't bent and there is no damage to the seats.. what ever caused the marks would have exited out your exhaust valves..

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