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Thread: OBD2 BP in OBD MX-3?

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    OBD2 BP in OBD MX-3?

    I have been abusing the search function for the last few days and still have not been able to come up with a solid answer to some questions I have. I have a 92 RS,and the engine is taking a crap on me so I am of course looking to do a BP swap. Unfortunately I have not been able to locate a nice BP from obd1 car. I found several Kia Sephia BPs online that are OBD2... Now I know the engine swap itself it real straight forward, but how is it to convert an OBD2 BP to OBD1? Or what is required to Convert my OBD1 car over to OBD2 so that a newer BP(95-97) will work? Is it just a matter of robbing the engine harness/ecu from an OBD2 vehicle? Any advice on this matter is greatly appreciated! Thanks

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    I can't help much on the OBD conversion, but I'm 99% certain if you can find a '95 engine, i.e. one that was actually put in a '95 model car, not one made in '95 but considered a '96, it should be plug-and-play(-ish), as '95 cars still ran OBD I. If you can't, I'm sure someone on here can help you with the wiring conversion, as I know it's been done before.
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