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Thread: So much trouble.....

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    So much trouble.....

    She was so much trouble. I loved her 4 four years. 120k-190k then she started burning oil and i bought 4 calipers twice that year so I sold her for peanuts. Bought a Mazda 3. Cried. Crying currently. Need a new protege.... The 3 just isn't a protege. It really doesn't handle well or accelerate well either. Bigger engine than my 01 but somehow crappier. Guy I sold her to painted her hood black. Ripped the powdercoating off the rims and put lime green accents inside her and it was on CL last weak. Idk where else this belongs because my heart went boom.

    The love. The new girl. Still rocking the protege wheels for snows.
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    the other cars still had some mazda feel left to them.... hard to say that for the newer stuff.
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    Agreed. Now I get the old farmers who lamented their Tin Lizzys. There's just... somethin bout that era Hiroshima grocerygetter.
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    I'm all for new but it just doesn't drive the same. I'm having a hard time finding a clean one too lol

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    I really can't say I'm all for new. There is so much more extra weight and useless technology and expense every year... I don't want ABS, ESC, SRS, EGR, EPS, OBDII, or drive by wire/brake by wire, and there is so much more I haven't listed! But it's federally mandated for all cars past certain years. I may not ever have a vehicle newer than 1995.
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    Im not big on the newer stuff except the speed lineup. They still seem to hold the old Mazda spirit.
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