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Thread: Front stabilier bar link replacement

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    Front stabilier bar link replacement

    I'm sure these were the originals. Riding around and hearing a clunking noise, searched this forum and one thread suggested the stabilizer bars were shot- made sense- checked 'em and sure enough.
    The passenger side was a b#*%tch- whoever thought of the hex key/ rotating bolt idea should be shot. New ones from Raockauto have a 6 sided wrench grab so it's easire to put the wrench on and a socket on the other. Anyways- 3 sawzall blades and much sweat/ foul language the passenger side done. Driver side took all of 20 minutes- go ahead and flame
    Lessons learned- get the nut/ bolt to move somehow. Then on the ball side use vice grips to hold the bolt in place (unless you really want to strip the hex key opening) and a socket on the other- and plenty of PB Buster soaking days before. The bolt will come off.
    Replacing- always use Never Sieze, clamped the sway bar down and jacked the rotor up and slipped the bar link in without issue. Not sure if this is the preferred method- worked for me.

    Pics of how I got the new link in place. Sure a better C clamp would've helped but use what ya got. Hope this helps someone.Name:  0726150935.jpg
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    200K miles and counting- replacing front struts next, CV drive shafts soon after.
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