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Thread: Headliner Redo

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    Quote Originally Posted by 300zxrb26dett View Post
    There are 3 different grades of that 3M spray glue, the only one that will work here in AZ is the HD/high temp stuff.

    Looking at their chart I guess the correct usage would be Contact 80. $40 a can Jesus.

    I used the headliner adhesive first and it didn't last a week and attempted again with 90 with better but not permanent success.
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    there is one thing i dunno what is that call,a thing look like a gun, u press the button and stick to the metal and it makes firework, do i need that thing?and what s the philip head screw drivers?
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    Weird- I always assumed that the 90 was the best one. 80 is the one that I used on the headliner I did and as far as I know its still holding up after a couple of years, and I could have swore that home depot had that stuff for less than $40 per can.
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    Here's the link to what I used:
    I think it is different than "90" or "80"; the dry time is different. I "think" it is a body shop grade, but I could be wrong. I'll let you know when or if it falls down, but so far so good.

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    When I do a headliner, I like to remove all of the old foamy crap on there, it really helps the new material stick.

    I went to a local farm supply store and looked at some scrub brushes, and got a few with different bristle stiffness. something like this:

    I don't remember if I use some particular headliner-only adhesive, it may well have just been 3m triple 77 but I just don't remember.

    The worst part, at least for me, is that the interior plastics are SO brittle after 25 years that it's hard to take them off without cracking them sometimes.

    (side note, I finally got good a-pillar covers for my '90 323, then one time a passenger grabs the a-pillar to help himself out of the car, and SNAP goes the friggin' thing... )

    but yeah, it's straightforward and looks SO much better when it's done. I probably should do the same to my own 323, actually.


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    damn, that's a nice job! I started working on a spare headliner a few years, but gave up! I need to get back into and redo the headliner at some point.

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    really nice write up man. the end result looks really good. hopefully mine goes just as well. fingers crossed.

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    Good work here sham.

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