Has anyone built a megaview2? I've built a kit and and it does not work (with either a MS2 or MS3). The megasquit manual has a section on troubleshooting the megaview. I'm good on the first 16 steps. Skipping tests 17 & 18: test 19 says:
"If you have access to an oscilloscope, you can use it to check more components. With just power to the MegaView, you should see a nioce oscillation at pin 4, with a "squarish" wave form, Pin 5 should have a sine wave."

Well, I have a oscillation on pin 4, I wouldn't call it squarish. and Pin 5 is a straight 2 volts. So, I have a problem, but what is it? Pins 4 & 5 are tied to the CPU clock circuit: Two resistors, a crystal, and 2 capacitors. I'm assuming these 2 are inputs to the cpu. The resistors check good resistance wise. Is this a crystal issue? or One of the capacitors?