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Thread: Side skirt measurement?

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    Side skirt measurement?

    So, I own a 1988 323 hatchback that I'm going to heavily mod. I have a shot at getting some side skirts from a 2001 Protege5 who's owner is parting it out. I told him I need to do some research first to see how much modification I might have to do to make them work on my car (and look good). So, my first question that I hope someone could help me with is how long are they? I am assuming that they are longer (from wheel well to wheel well) than my car. Tha's fine because I am assuming that i would have to cut them down to a shorter length to make them fit correctly. I just want to make sure I am not wasting my money. Thanks ahead of time for your help. BTW, if anybody has some knowledge (historical experience) dealing with these side skirts and might have some info/advice (good or bad in terms of helping me to know if I should follow up and buy them, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    1885mm +/- 2mm I felt like being helpful so i just ran out & measured mine
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