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Thread: LX/DX Brake pads

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    LX/DX Brake pads

    Depending on the supplier you may come across a choice between Lx/Dx or SOHC/DOHC or Rear Disk/Drum. As far as I know, from the factory these was no "mix and match" if you got an LX it was DOHC with rear disks. If you got a DX you got the SOHC and rear drums. Anyways the front brakes are different. With an LX you got a bigger brake. Its a "taller" spindle that moves the caliper mount away from the rotor "hat" allowing for a larger brake pad. As far as I can tell the caliper and rotor are interchangeable. I bring this up, because I had some difficulty in getting parts for the 323. The taller pads do not fit on the smaller set up, but it is not real obvious when you doing the job. They almost fit. Anyways, you have to be smarter than the parts guy if you want to get the right parts.

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    Yes, fortunately down here in Florida I have had pretty good luck with BG parts (surprisingly). They are pretty good about keying in the DOHC variant and not just looking up protege brakes. I feel bad for the 323 guys because that is probably confusing as all hell for parts counter.

    Just for the sake of having a nice thread, maybe you can list that number/letter combo that distinguishes the LX/DX calipers?
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    13v vs 14v cast onto the outer cap that bolts to the physical caliper itself
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