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Thread: Who rides on 17s?

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    Who rides on 17s?

    Have a shot at 17" rims for my car.... cheap. Pretty good shape. What I want to know is from those of you who have ever had or currently have 17" rims on your 323, do you like it? Love it? Regret it? What problems have you commonly run into with this size of rims? Of, curse, my two top concerns are rubbing fenders (if I didn't measure and calculate quite right about fitment) and bent lips from such a low profile tire. Opinions?

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    Make sure the offset is right, probably 40-45. They will raise your car and the ride will suck imho. My son had a set of Technomagnesio's and 225-45-15's Nitto's and I did not like it. The car needed to be dropped a bit too to close we the gap. 16's are as big as I would go but hey I still run on 15's.

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    Regret it lol. I only had 17s on my car temporarily, and it sucked for the roads here in Louisville. I ended up hitting a massive pot hole on a bridge at night and ruined 2 wheels, so there's that

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    I think that unless you're going super-balls-out performance, 17's don't look right. You'll have to limit your suspension travel to not rub, and the extra weight (and possibly diameter) will make acceleration and braking kind of poopy.

    I'm considering how to get some 5x114.3 17x9 or whatnot (evo, sti) wheels on a 4WD protege, once I get the ST205 drivetrain in it. I think I'll be pushing enough power that I will actually need the bigger tires to stick to the ground and larger diameter to actually slow down. But this is for timeAttack/Autocross, with occasional daily driving, not the other way around. Function before Form, in my case.

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