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Thread: MSII install on P5 with a FS-ZE...anyone?

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    MSII install on P5 with a FS-ZE...anyone?

    I have an FS-ZE in my P5 running on the old FS-DE ECU. I have vampired all the inputs I need for the MSII I built. I have set everything up on the MSII as explained for the FS-DE engine but now it's time to make the change over to the MSII and I wanted to see if anyone else had a map for running the FS-ZE with MSII. I hear soooooooo many people on here say " sure, you can run the FS-ZE in your P5 with stock ECU/MP3 ECU but it won't run to it's full potential without the original ECU which would require a rewire of the body harness OR........!!!!!!!!Running standalone engine management." So here I am, with Engine management installed but not running fuel and spark yet because I need a map to start with. Someone has to have done this to get an NA 170hp P5 at some point right, I can't be the first. Anyone know of it being done with MSII yet?

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    Hi mate, I can't help you, but I do want to say congrats on your hard work, and I hope someone helps you out soon.

    Have you asked on the ms forum? (Most of that forum seems to be all about ms3 thow)

    Good luck and show pics!

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