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Thread: Mikes 88 GTX build

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    Mikes 88 GTX build

    A few weeks ago I bought this GTX from my buddy. It has some rust on the driver side quarter panel but he gave a replacement one with the car. He also gave me a bunch of other spare parts 2 engines and trannys. I also have a vj11 turbo as well but it may need to be rebuilt as it looks like it is leaking oil. I plan to swap a BPT in the future as i already have one just siting in my garage but as of right now, i just want to drive it with the stock motor.

    It already has a 2.5 inch exhaust, an aem fuel pump, and a defi boost gauge for mods. When i got it, it had a bunch of vacuum leaks( all the worm clamps on the intake pipes and IC pipes were no good. For the AFM, I used a worm clamp from a VW since it was big enough to clamp the AFM and pipe. The part number is N-024-508-5 and you can get one from VW/AUDI/SEAT/SKODA dealers if anyone was interested since the worm clamps from auto parts store never seem to last. I work at a VW dealership selling parts so it was easy for to just grab a clamp we had in stock instead of going to autozone lol) . I still have some work to do especially on the suspension. I bought the car just so i could replace my BG 323. So now on to the pictures.

    The speedometer is not working so i have to check the out.

    And here are the rods for the BP
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