My transmission was slipping and the car would shift fine from first to second then it would slip. Let off the gas and the rpms drop and it shifts hard into gear. I check the trans fluid it was a brownish and had a burnt smell so i dropped the pan put a new filter and gasket on it. Filled it and added some lucas stop slip. Let it warm up and took it around block. Stopped at red light hit the gas and it feels like its stuck in a high gear now. It has no power whatso ever. The shift solenoids were all just replaced. I have the internal wire harness for trans to see if it fixes it but what else could it be?

Also after its warmed up theres a clunking noise ahen sitting still moving the ahifter from park to drive. Im new to mazda as i got it for being a small beat a round.


99 mazda protege 1.6 with a automatic trans.
220k on body
120k on motor.