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Thread: Third gen front end conversion?

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    Third gen front end conversion?

    Basically I own a 95 and I was wondering if the third generation front end (bumper, headlights, side marker lights, blinkers fender panels and grille) fit on my car or if getting them would be a huge waste of money

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    None of the Protege front clips really retrofit between generations with any ease. I believe a few have done it, but it was major fabrication and in the end I don't think the proportions are great.

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    Unless you're dead set on it, I would consider it a waste of, money. Not a whole lot of money though, if you do the work yourself. BJ Proteges are a dime a dozen both privately and in junkyards, so a parts car is no problem to find. But nothing fits directly so the fabrication is entirely up to you. The two generations don't share any body panels.

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