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Thread: Best way to lower cheaply?

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    Best way to lower cheaply?

    Pretty straight forward. I have a 95 that I wasn't to stance. No camber just ignorant low. Was wonder if any of you have done this and can tell me what the best way to do it on a budget is. I know that I can buy coilovers for about a grand but I really don't want to spend a grand. Did I mention that I want to go ignorant low? Like dodging railroad tracks because I'll get beached low. Like no fat girls allowed low.

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    Remove springs, install some longer bump stops.

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    I have some RSR springs for sale that came from my '97. Don't know how much they'll drop it exactly because the previous owner had spring spacers in them so he could get in and out of his driveway (I'm assuming).

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    Just, don't. $1,000ish coilovers are your cheapest option, that's what it takes to do what you want. If you are finding some other hack way to do it, you're doing it wrong and shouldn't have bothered. I think I've had the BH platform just about as low as it can go on off-the-shelf coilovers. In this case, I used K-Sport Kontrol to tuck a 195/45-16. The rear is higher than the front because of inner wheel well clearance limitations, the coilovers still had space to go. My next phase was 195/40-16 but I sold the car before finding out what that would look like. But it would definitely meet your goal of being barely driveable.

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