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Thread: My 95 Escort GT Project

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    My 95 Escort GT Project

    Purchased this car for $150.00 in Oregon. It was resting in what I will classify as a forest behind someones house were it was a good 5 inches down in the dirt from sitting so long. luckily it had been covered for a good portion of the time it spent at this location. Old owner informed me they had done pistons and rings but, the engine was still smoking really bad so they gave up on it and let it sit for 14 years.

    Decided tonight that I wanted to start a build thread so I could keep track of my progress I'll try my best to keep it as up to date as possible.

    After spending two hours digging the car out of the ground the tow truck barley managed to maneuver in and get it

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    I plan on starting by getting the car running normally and then building it over time. Interior is in really solid condition the car has really low miles just under 100k.

    After spending an entire day trying to figure out why the car would not start, turned out the clutch sensor was bad. when we finally got it to start up, fuel started spraying out the fuel rail because one of the orings was missing. After fixing the fuel rail the car started right up again but no smoke as the previous owner was mentioning. There was a really bad oil leak and after investigating it seemed to be a mix of a blown head gasket and the main seal being shot. Decided that the head & transmission needed to be pulled so we could get it sorted, so began my first experience tearing into my EGT. Did not take very long but because I only had a couple hours a day it did take me a couple days to get it taken apart.

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    I started cleaning oil off of everything this was terrible and I hope I never blow a main seal again on this car. Everything was covered, did not really get in good pictures. Also took the head to a local machinist to get pressure tested, valve stem seals installed & milled.

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    Got the new main seal installed as well as a brand new clutch then re installed the transmission. So far everything is going great. Also got the head back, but unfortunately the new head bolts I grabbed on the way to work on the car are completely wrong.

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    if you're planning to turbocharge that, you might as well skip the head bolts and use ARP studs instead while it's apart.

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