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Thread: Meet Amy, the 1987 Mazda 323 BF GTX :)

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    the plate color is a good contrast to the light blue. looking clean sir!
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    Only a few small things to report for this weekend.

    First, is that I found something which can remove compound polish residue when it gets into the microscoping dips in borderline-matte/satin paint. It's called Zep 65 citrus cleaner and that stuff is great, WHEN YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE CAN - vicious against stuff that isn't paint, gentle on the paint itself. It cut my time between compound-polishing cycles to about 15 minutes, rather than washing and waiting to dry, seeing there was more residue that washing didn't catch, washing, waiting to dry, repeat, which often took several hours.

    I also learned: Do not use the last bits of ZEP 65 at the end of the can - whatever the hell it is that comes out when you're right at the end of the can, that stuff EATS PAINT. If I hadn't arrested it the moment I spotted it happening a partial respray would have been in order.

    In any case. A few more rounds of compound polishing later and I am finally happy with the paintwork. It's as good as a low-budget job is ever gonna get.

    Bonus: The grille badge is back! I have a very small physical problem that makes it very hard for me to paint small things, so my stepdad Maurice (not to be confused with Maurice Hayden from earlier in the thread) very carefully repainted it for me during the week. Thanks Maurice!

    Next up: Let's make the bumpers and the side-skirts great again. And by "great" I mean "beautiful black plastic as the LORD intended".


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    Very much enjoying the car and the storytelling. Can't wait to see what happens next.
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