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Thread: 1988 323 GT snapped lower control arm mount

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    1988 323 GT snapped lower control arm mount

    Hi guys,

    Posted this in the newbie section (primarily because the forum told me to make my first post there), but I figure I'll have more knowledge in the BF specialist crowd.

    Anyway, I've recently bought a little '88 323 GT, non-turbo, just FWD with the OHC EFI B6. Intending to use it as a track hack, but found that the chassis mount for the lower control arm had decided to snap while I was driving it around.

    A quick look at the FSM indicates it's not attached to any subframe, can anyone confirm that this mount is directly fixed to the body/chassis frame? I'll weld it back on if so, but if I can replace an entire subframe that'd no doubt be an easier option.


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    1 (100%) did that happen?

    I have a GT and have to look under my car to see how it attaches...judging from all that leaking oil looks like you need to address some seals too.
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    And that is not a good place for a break at all.

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