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Thread: End-of-service life?

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    End-of-service life?

    Hi everyone. New here!

    I've had a '94 5-spd base since it was a baby. Now she has ~240K miles on her, and is failing smog (CA). I really like the car, but I'm not sure how much I'm going to have to put into her from now on out to keep her going. She's pretty much original except for what you'd expect (never any engine work, original clutch, etc.). She gives off a little puff of blue when she starts up, but otherwise runs nice.

    Does anybody have any input into how long I should try to keep her running? I'd hate to see her go to scrap, but I don't know what my other options are.


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    I'm not up to speed on CA smog requirements. A bit of oil smoke is going to be a bit problematic. But first thing I would try is replacing the O2 sensor, as the original may be all caked up. Should be pretty cheap and it won't hurt anything to replace it.
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