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  1. 1990 MaZda 323 SE

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      Engine modifications
      • fully built bp...wiseco pistons, eagle rods, arp studs, port n polish head and intake manif0ld...

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • 6 puck clutch, findanza flywheel, kiA tranny

      Suspension Modifications
      • gr0und contr0l

      • stock

      Interior Modifications
      • stock

      • pioneeR radio

      Exterior Modifications
      • jdm t0p wing, jdm front bumper, jdm mirr0rs

      • axis 0g wheels (15x8, +25 offset) nexen 3000 tires...195/45/15
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      1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 2748 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3215 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3218 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3219 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3220 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3222 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3789 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3790 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 3791 Import Nationals at E-Town 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4325 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4326 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4327 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4328 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4595 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4596 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4597 1990 MaZda 323 SE - Photo 4598
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      Member: jnice
      Created: 05-04-2008 12:27 PM
      Last Modified: 04-12-2010 01:23 AM
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      Author Comment Date
      me109 Nice downpipe. What manifold is that? I like it. 02-19-2013
      sl33py_xr2 Im from bpt aswell. Awesome car bro 01-30-2013
      kel el super clean love to see the insides 12-02-2012
      Mazda_Powered every time I wonder what the most impressive turbo BP setup is, I come here lol. Have you made any changes to the car recently? Been a while since you've posted 08-04-2012
      Mazda_Powered the only thing I don't like about this car, is that it's not local to me lol. 03-09-2011
      jnice Thanks everybody!!!! Wing n bumper got from a guy in FL 12-10-2010
      pibeBPT beautiful car bro 12-09-2010
      SleptWithURWife Sick, I love that exhaust manifold. 12-06-2010
      javii323 this is the badest 323 i have seen yet..were you get the wing and the front buper?? 08-21-2009
      Rusty323 i love that car! nice work man 08-18-2009
      analytical Congrats on the ROTM win! 08-05-2009
      93protege1.8 Is that a Buick Regal GS or GSE in the fourth picture? looks sweet.. oh and the 323 looks good aswell nice work 07-28-2009
      jnice im breakin in the motor and waitin f0r my turbo kit from creative performance in P.R. a$$cl0wn!! 07-03-2009
      psiturbo What a waste of money, fully built engine on a naturally aspirated engine, totally unnecessary. 06-29-2009
      TheOnenOnly mad props on the ride bro hella clean what is that color called?? 05-10-2009
      HondaHater is that the gtx intake manifold?

      If so, why didnt you stick with the VICS? what are the gains of this manifold on a non boosted bp?

      other than that..

      nasty ride man

      love the nasty wheel offset very clean.
      what camgears are those?
      they're clean
      jturbo323 man car looks very clean love the rims. also so want a set of those jdm 3 hole front bumper and rear bumper for my 323 hatchback. nice car 03-11-2009
      bp boostin your car looks sick 03-09-2009
      smoke187 wheels look sick, nice work on the car it looks clean 03-01-2009
      323Foreword Looks nice with the 15x8 wheels and new bumpers. My other hatch use to open the hood like that but the one I have now doesn't. 02-28-2009
      mx-3_4evr I like your new wheels! 02-03-2009
      Mr GoD clean 323!i cant wait for summer 12-30-2008
      miK3Pro looks good.. 11-18-2008
      mx-3_4evr How wide are you rims? offset? Looks nice! 11-12-2008
      jayholla144 hey man wats up im from bridgeport wanna meet some time i new to connecticut i love the whip man 06-29-2008
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