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  1. 1993 Fazda Escort GT

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      Engine modifications
      • Mazda V6 swap. Fully rebuilt KLDE/ZE Hybrid with 6000 miles on it, GARRETT 57 trim T3/T4, SSAC Turbo pipes, Ebay FMIC, XS Power wastegate,HKS SSQV blow off valve, custom gutted KLDE intake manifold,OBX fmu, Areomotive afpr, and Millenia S injectors.

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • B&M short throw, and a KLDE trans with ZX2 gears and syncros.

      Suspension Modifications
      • DropZone coil overs, Mx-3 front sub frame, and polly inserts all the way around.

      • Soon to be Brembo blanks with hawk pads

      Interior Modifications
      • Custom gauge cluster, gutted, Mx-3 seats,and gauges(Autometer Speedo,Tachw/shift light,Boost,Water Temp,Oil Pressure,and an AEM Wideband).

      • Jenson deck with Sony Xplods up front and putting two 10s in the back.

      Exterior Modifications
      • Yellow tinted headlights, custom fitted Mazda grill with V6 emblem, and new paint coming soon.

      • Tore up 15" Rota Slip knock offs with bald tires.
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      After a day of racing, with Josh. Right after the swap. How it looks now. Partly done cluster. Me working on the cluster. Looking to see whats left after pulling the old motor. Day of racing. Before the new motor and turbo set up, old rims. AEM Wideband HKS SSQV OBX fmu Custom gutted KLDE intake manifold.
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      ratch the Hot pink Intake is sexy xD
      not big on the tinted lights.
      FamiliaGT Holly hell! Ive seen KLZE Swaps and thought they where impressive, but boosted? Wow, that thing is scary! How much power are you putting down? 12-01-2009
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