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  1. 94 Mazda Protege base

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      Engine modifications
      • 4 guage battery cables, 4-wire BP tb, custom ram air, synthetic oil, 2.25 custom exaust with Magnaflo muffler, glasspack resonater, MSD Blaster SS coil, MSD super-conductor plug wires, NGK Iridiums, 4-wire o2 sensor

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • synthetic gear oil, bronze-oil shifter bushings, CS ss clutch line, ebay short shifter, OEM weighted shift knob

      Suspension Modifications
      • s/r struts, ebay front & rear upper strut bars, front & rear lower tie bars, ZX2 1" front swaybar, EGT 21mm rear swaybar, custom delrin rear swaybar mount bushings, custom delrin end-links

      • EBC redstuff with EBC blanks on the front, zx2 big drums on the rear; 29mm bigger than stock, CS ss brake lines, synthetic DOT 4

      Interior Modifications
      • 91 mx-3 GS drivers seat, 4-point belts up front, EGT foglight switch (thanx Josh)

      • JVC head unit, pioneer 6" 3-ways

      Exterior Modifications
      • custom air splitter, CP stickers; best mod ever, extra 50 hp! lol

      • 13" crap, toyo eclipse tires 175/70/13, Miata 14" daisy's (finally, after new tires)
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      94 Mazda Protege base - Photo 5022 94 Mazda Protege base - Photo 5023 94 Mazda Protege base - Photo 5024 CP sticker. Best mod ever! 94 Mazda Protege base - Photo 5028 My B8 ground wire upgrade, 4 gauge wire Added extra ground, 4 gauge wire anouther 4 gauge ground wire added BP07, BP tb brakes barely fit! Zx2 brakes were free. 29mm bigger old vs new new size old size new in rim, barely fits Made 12 of these from delrin for endlinks More delrin for swaybar, works awesome! swaybar bushing with synthetic grease Pics of delrin bushing's on the car ZX2 tiebar on Protege subframe zx2 tiebar the hole for access, to put nuts in. tight fit. minor grinding to clear, plus bend exaust hanger Blaster ss coil Blaster ss w/custom base plate 4-wire o2 sensor HID's baby! HID's, I can see! 2pt. to 3pt. strut tower brace conversion Old vs new Broken Nice upgrade Was black, now sandblasted ready for paint 4-guage battery cables, brass terminals 3 point strut bar (Ebay   custom)
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      Mazda_Powered car's coming along man! never knew about the zx2 tie bar, that's something I should look into lol 02-18-2011
      FE3323 how much larger are the rear zx2 drums???
      do you have a size spec on them?????
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