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  1. 1990 Mazda Protege 4wd GT-X

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      Engine modifications
      • BP26 swap.
      • MazdaSpeed high volume oil pump.

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • GT-X transaxle.
      • SPEC GT-R stage 1 clutch.
      • Custom brass shifter bushing.
      • SpeedSource brass shift cable bushings.
      • Broken front differential.

      Suspension Modifications
      • Stock GT-X front strut tower bar.
      • Corksport type I rear strut tower bar.
      • KYB GR-2s
      • GT-X front springs.
      • Stock 4wd AT rear springs.

      • Corksport SS lines.

      Interior Modifications
      • Autometer vacuum/boost gauge.
      • LX cupholder cut to fit floorpan.
      • EDM cabin vents.
      • GT-X instrument cluster.
      • Carpet delete.

      Exterior Modifications
      • EDM headlights and corners.

      • Metallic black painted original alloys wearing 185/60/14 ZE-912s.
      • Matching full size spare.
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      As purchased for $450 on 3 Oct. 05 A year and a half later Familia floormats and steering wheel The donor's plaque Outside view Traction x2! Original mudflaps Still plays cassettes. EDM vents and clean dash.
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      Csabikavagyok Thank you!. Seven years ago, the mine. 12-22-2010
      pibeBPT she's a beaut 12-09-2010
      analytical jwaxt200 what you have to do is pull out your odometer from cluster and with an air compressor point nozel and force the air to spin the dial. I took 50,000 miles off in about 2 minutes on mine. 08-31-2010
      mazdapa94 hy dude you look nice is look like my car you what to sale your mud guards let me dude peace mazda for life. 11-30-2009
      jwaxt200 hey man! i just did the gauge cluster swap out for the one with the Tach too! but the new one says 180,000 miles and my car only has 130,000. do you know how to fix it? 04-06-2009
      BBProtege haha wow man ive been looking all over for the 90-94 GTX or Just the 90-94 car to do a GTX swap in, i was just wondering if the engine made the car fairly quicker and what are your future plans for the cars? 09-10-2008
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