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  1. 1990 Protege LX

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      Sold April 2011


      -Wheels and Tires
      Enkei MAP7 14x6 12lb alloys with all seasons
      205 55 14 Hoosier A6 R compound tires on stock steels for autox
      205 55 14 Kumho V710 R compound tires on stock steels for autox
      205 55 14 Kumho V700 R compound tires on stock steels for autox

      Pioneer CD/MP3 Head unit
      Polk components in doors and deck
      Phoenix Gold MS-250 sub amp
      MTX T6000 10" sub
      Balanced, tight and loud!

      - Engine
      NGK plugs and wires

      - Brakes
      KVR pads all around
      Corksport SS brake lines

      - Suspension
      Mazdaspeed adjustable struts all around
      KYB strut mounts
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      engine bay front seat doors, note sail panel tweeter and cheap grille disguising a high end midbass 100k miles Jan 08 Exterior two weeks after purchase Corksport stainless brake lines Enkei MAP7s newly installed autocross 3-1-08 Mazdaspeed adjustable struts mazdaspeed adjustable strut front top mazdaspeed adjustable strut front bottom with CS SS brake lines mazdaspeed adjustable strut rear bottom autocross 1-10-08 3 wheeling at an autocross 1990 Protege LX - Photo 3693
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      Created: 11-02-2007 02:23 PM
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      cojsl Struts are doing well, still noticeable differences in the settings, and good body control. I've been autocrossing another car the last couple seasons so they've only gotten DD use, but I drive ~20k miles a year, so they have been getting used. 02-23-2011
      Mazda_Powered hey man, so hows are the struts holding up at the events? 02-23-2011
      timati mine is the same year as yours but i have a sun roof and door handles painted black. same color as the car. 11-19-2010
      cojsl Krazyman- the guages are stock green, the camera washed out the color. 01-09-2009
      Krazyman Like the Gauges too.. did you just chip off the coloring? 01-08-2009
      cojsl Krazy- Thanks. Adjustable struts are Mazdaspeeds from Here's my thread about them: 01-08-2009
      PROTO nice and simple just add boost and serve 01-06-2009
      Krazyman Where did you get those struts?? Very nice protege!!! 01-01-2009
      cojsl Nick- kinda begs for a speech balloon huh? Something like "go faster" or "look ahead" or "god he's slow" 12-03-2008
      Nick Leone Hey thats me in this picture 030108.jpg 12-03-2008
      cojsl The color keyed electric mirrors are another clue that it's an LX 11-26-2008
      cojsl It's an original 90 LX (first year they built them), so it has different interior trim, no alloys, no sunroof, no color keyed handles, different garnish than later LXs. 11-26-2008
      deathtrigga is this a bp swapped dx? because i thought all lx's have the door handle painted to match the car paint 11-25-2008
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