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  1. 1991 Ford Escort GT

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      Engine modifications
      • 1.8 BP Turbo...hybrid turbo: vj11 turbine, vj17 (t-bird) compressor, Port and polish, ARP fasteners, forged pistons, cut intake, port matched intake and exh, custom stainless piping, Mazda 626 intercooler, Magnacore wires Jacobs coil, RX7 VAF, cone filter...Old school extra fuel injectors and boost timing retard piggy backs, full 2.5" exhaust

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • GTX clutch and flywheel and pressure plate, urethane filled engine mounts

      Suspension Modifications
      • rust

      • Corksport brake lines

      Interior Modifications
      • dirt...guages: EGT, AFR, Boost, SDS EIC, Jacobs BTM

      • lame

      Exterior Modifications
      • rust

      • Konig Rewinds, 15 x 7 ET 40...205/55 R15 Yokohama S Drives
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      Konig Rewinds 15 x 7, 205/55 R15 Yokohama S Drives trial fit rad moved, fans added, 626 intercooler the white 91 became parts car ported, polished, cc'd, Manley pro flo ss valves, 3 angle seats, hand lapped IHI hybrid, vj11 hot side, vj17 center and cold side (new) ss inlet just showing off my stainless fab works new life for "Squid" side exit, too loud. Completed 2.5" and muffler since then. new wheels installed close up
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      heyoldguy2002 I call her "Squid"...she ain't pretty, but sure is fast under 16 psi boost. 02-12-2013
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