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  1. 2000 Ford ZX2

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      Engine modifications
      • Mazda Millenia 2.5L V6 swap, KLG4 intake manifold, Megasquirt PNP

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Ford Probe GT trans

      Suspension Modifications
      • Ford Racing ZX2 inverted coilovers, Cusco camber plates, Custom Traction Bar by member FE3-323

      • Stock front, Escort GT rear disc swao

      • Factory

      Exterior Modifications
      • Body kit, Shaved door handles, 2 tone

      • Kumho XS, ASA rims
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      zx2 project klg4 and red valve cover traction bar 1 traction bar 2 coil pack installed
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      Member: ChillinZX
      Created: 10-19-2013 12:12 AM
      Last Modified: 03-18-2016 04:20 PM
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      Author Comment Date
      ChillinZX The new tow hook brackets are part of it. They go up higher and bolt into factory location, the old tow hook brackets get removed. 01-12-2016
      Nick Leone What have you attached your traction bars to at the front of the car? would you mind taking another picture of it? 01-12-2016
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