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  1. 1993 mazda 323

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      Engine modifications
      • 1.6 sohc, cold air intake. ngk wires and plugs. soon to be a boosted bp with garrett t63

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • stock

      Suspension Modifications
      • stuck except front strut bar. soon to be lowered 2" all around with dropzones and new struts dont know which ones yet.

      • stock but soon to do rear disc conversion with slotted rotors front and back

      Interior Modifications
      • custom painted black completely black

      • dual head unit. bosch cap, 12" sony explod sub(1300 watts) and v12 alpine amp and all bosch wires.

      Exterior Modifications
      • escort gt front bumper and side skirts, amber fogs (glass) clear sidemarker lights. soon to be cut and color matched rear bumper color matched mirrors.

      • 15" escort gt fan rims. on all seasons nothing to special lol
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      Member: 323_4_me
      Created: 05-22-2008 03:11 PM
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      323_4_me wgnths, no i never ran it, dont plan on it either. its just sitting in my basement. 03-02-2011
      wgnths FYI I just seen your turbo, Its a knockoff. Ran it yet? 01-22-2011
      cory_creation when u get the rear discs on post some pics and maybe give me a pm with a how too..... 04-01-2010
      Mazda_Powered post up pictures of your supraaaaaaaaaaa 06-19-2009
      mazda323tuner where did you get the eye lids!!! PM me please 12-28-2008
      Mazda_Powered it's a shame this car is gone 07-07-2008
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