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  1. 1992 Protege LX

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      Engine modifications
      • Stock N/A BP with 8000 original miles (whe I got it), new NGK wires form CorkSport, NGK Iridium IX plugs, custom one-off stainless manifold, Subaru vf-39 turbo, custom 2.5" stainless downpipe, hollow cat. converter, ebay 2.5" muffler, modded BP manifold (VICS removed), A/C system removed, ACS Megasquirt

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • KY Clutch 330tq Miata clutch set, custom made short shifter, worn stock bushings

      Suspension Modifications
      • SpringTech sport struts, Progress Technology lowering springs, energy suspension end links F&R, energy suspension sway bar mount bushings, ebay F&R strut tower bars, S/T add-on front bar, Addco 22mm rear sway bar

      • Stock F&R calipers, KVR cross drilled rotors F&R, KVR carbon pads F&R, Goodridge G-Stop stainless brake lines

      Interior Modifications
      • MX-3 seats, ebay boost gauge, mx-6 leather shift boot, sparco pedal covers, AEM UEGO wideband

      • junk Circuit City mp3 CD player, Pioneer 3 way 6.5's F&R

      Exterior Modifications
      • J-spec headlights and sidemarkers w/Silverstar Ultra 9003 bulbs, custom key marks on fenders (don't park in the ghetto!), EGT spoiler

      [LIST][*]Rota Circuit 8 16x7, Yokohama Parada Spec-2 205/45-16
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      Member: redheddude222
      Created: 08-15-2008 12:17 PM
      Last Modified: 08-19-2009 01:47 PM
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      89BG 323 any chance you still have the vics solenoid layin around? i need one. super nice pro! how long did you spend building it? 02-20-2010
      redheddude222 Management is an ACS Megasquirt built by Lex. 08-19-2009
      psiturbo I read all the specs, but I did not see anything on engine (tuning) management... Five Stars on such a clean ride. 07-08-2009
      redheddude222 Thought I'd answer some questions:
      The manifold, downpipe, cat-delete, and charge pipe cost me $250 total. The bumper is stock, I just cut a hole in it. I'm not running VICS, I took the rod and plates out so it just has straight runners. The DOHC Turbo stickers came from CorkSport. I put them where the stock LX stickers were.

      Thanks for all the positive feedback!
      deathtrigga whererd u get the DOHC TURBO sticker? lol 02-16-2009
      imgreat87 like the front bumper and key marks lol...whered u get the bumper...tryin 2 look for one. seen one for a 95 but idk if itll fit the same 02-05-2009
      jturbo323 man your setup is way nice just love the sleeper look want some jap spec headlights and clear corner for my 323. also have you seen a difference in more power running the car with vics. 12-14-2008
      psiturbo How much for the fab? 11-19-2008
      jturbo323 nice car just love the turbo setup wat size is that vf39 turbo clean engine setup 09-08-2008
      redheddude222 I actually had a buddy fab the manifold from scratch. Thanks for the comments! 09-05-2008
      bpt323 is that a skuce design manifold with a VF flange?? how do you like the VF39 08-29-2008
      Krazyman Nice Protege! 08-21-2008
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