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  1. 1991 Mazda323 GTX Sedan

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      Engine modifications

      • Head ported and polished ,rods pistons ,main studs , head studs siemens Deka 880 cc injectors, garrett Gt3076r turby DTA Fast Aem Water/meth Injection HKS 60mm wastegate

      Drivetrain Modifications

      • celica gt4 drivetrain with MR2 Na gearset

      Suspension Modifications

      • D2 Coilovers all teflon bushings strut towers lifted and custom trailing arms redoing balljoint spacers and relocating control arms to optimise control arm angles


      • skyline gtr calipers 4 piston front and Gen 3 RX7 rear rear , used nascar hats and rotors wilwood 3/4 master cylinders and pedal box with adj bias

      Interior Modifications

      • stripped caged and race prepped


      • none

      Exterior Modifications

      • widened and lowered


      • racing dynamics 16x8 toyo proxes ra1
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      first phase still first phase second phase still  second stage 1991 Mazda323 GTX Sedan - Photo 4168 1991 Mazda323 GTX Sedan - Photo 4169 1991 Mazda323 GTX Sedan - Photo 4170 1991 Mazda323 GTX Sedan - Photo 4171 brginning of the end  grst box cant manage 225 50 16 dot slicks The then fastest man in the worldd Asafa Powell Damn Evos are fast and well handling a day at the track with only two gears  2nd and fourth time for some changes and now and now
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