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  1. 2002 Mazda Protege DX

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      Engine Modifications
      • Modified OEM Air Intake; Racing Beat Exhaust System; Magnaflow SS Free-Flow Rear Cat; Denso SKJ16CR-L11 Extended Tip Spark Pugs; Magnecor Wires; Red Line: Synthetic Engine Oil 10W-30, D4 ATF PS Fluid; CorkSport Aluminum Oil Filler Cap
      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Kartboy Stabilizer Bar Bushings; Nyloil Shifter Bushings; Red Line MT-90 Gear Oil; MP3 Shifter, Knob and Aluminum Pedal Set; Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Clutch Line
      Suspension Modifications
      • MP3 Strut Tower Bar Kit; Cusco Front Lower Arm Tie Bar; MSP Springs, Struts, Stabilizer Bars, trailing Links, #3 Engine Mount
      Interior Modifications
      • Mazda Cargo Tray; Suvlights HD Wiring Harness; Exide Orbital AGM Battery; Cyberdyne Digital Gauges: Tach; Ambient Air Temp; Voltmeter
      • OEM System
      Exterior Modifications
      • Osram Night Breaker H4 Bulbs
      • Summer: 5Zigen FN01R-C 16 x 7" Wheels; Yokohama 205/45-16s; Winter: Enkei OR-52 16 x 7" Wheels; Falken Ziex ZE-912 205/45-16s. Lug Nuts: Gorilla Small Diameter Tuner, Spline Drive, Closed End, Black; Wheel Locks: McGard Tuner, Black. Hub Rings: Excalibur Aluminum (provided by Discount Tire).
      • Techna-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines; Power Slot Front Brake Rotors; Hawk HPS Pads
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      Weston, VT: August 26,2007 Newport, RI: August 10, 2009 Kent Falls State Park, CT: Protege Meet June, 2004 Again, at the Kent Falls State Park, CT Protege Meet: June 2004 In My Driveway: May 2006 Leaving the "05 Wayne Mazda Car Show; my Son is in the Passenger Seat Although He Can't Really be Seen My Wonderful Son (age 19) Relaxing at the "06 Wayne Mazda Car Show View of Engine Bay Showing Modified OEM Air Intake, Magnecor Spark Plug Wires, MP3 Strut Tower Bar, Exide Orbital AGM Battery and MSP #3 Engine Mount Cusco Front Lower Arm Tie Bar Racing Beat Exhaust System; Also Visible is the Racing Beat (MSP) Rear Stabilizer Bar and MSP Trailing Link Cockpit View of Cyberdyne Digital Tach, Ambient Air Temp and Voltmeter Gauges; MP3 Shifter, Knob and Aluminum Pedal Set Detail of Yokohama 205/45-16 Tire and 5Zigen FN01R-C 16 x 7" Wheel 5Zigen Wheel and Yoko Tire Installed Using Gorilla Tuner Lug Nuts and McGard Tuner Lock Winterized With Enkei OR52 Alloys and Falken Ziex ZE-952 UHPAS Tires Detail of Enkei OR52 16 x 7" Wheel and Falken Ziex ZE-952 UHPAS Tire Corksport Billet Aluminum Oil Filler Cap Weston, VT: August 2011 Two Works of Art: goldstar's Protege and the Bennington Battle Monument, Bennington, VT Techna-Fit SS Brake Line, Front Disc Techna-Fit SS Brake Line, Rear Drum Power Slot Rotor & Hawk HPS Brake Pad
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      JDMprotege5 nice.. clean look with the digital gauges... my protege was to be a sporty daily... bt now i've decided to do all out build! 01-25-2011
      gambit686 Nice car. Really clean. I love the fn01's but I had to settle for the drag's. They're less than half the price of the enkie's. 11-26-2010
      goldstar This is the first Mazda I've ever owned. I bought it new in July '02. My car is intended to be a sporty daily driver and vacation trip vehicle. It will not be used for street racing, autocross or other track events. Therefore, all modifications are planned and carried out for the sole purpose of enhancing its performance as a daily driver. My first priority was to improve handling, as I really enjoy driving the twisties, and my second was to generate a modest increase in engine/driveline performance. Notwithstanding a desire for somewhat more performance, driveability is also an important concern considering my cars primary purpose.

      As I very much like the appearance of 3rd Gen, 2.0 L Proteges (one of thr reasons I bought the car), I have no intention of doing any body mods. The only exception here involves changing the wheels and tires which for me constitutes both an aesthetic and a performance mod since I don't like the appearance, or weight, of the OEM alloys and I consider them
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