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  1. 1992 FE3-323

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      Build Thread

      Engine modifications

      • FE3 motor swap
      • Tubular exhaust manifold hybrid - Kia sportage flange/4G63 DSM manifold
      • Precision T3 5457 ball bearing
      • Modified Intake manifold
      • Modified Kia water pump outlet
      • Relocated & Modified A/C bracket & tensioner system
      • Kia sportage windage tray-Modified oil pan internals
      • SS solid oil feed line
      • Emusa 38mm v-band external wastegate
      • 3" custom downpipe
      • Fidanza adjustable cam gears
      • F2T lightened flywheel
      • Spec Stage3+ clutch package
      • Taylor Thundervolt 8.2mm S.P. wires

      Drivetrain Modifications

      • F2T transmission- with transmission cooling system
      • Mfactory LSD
      • New F2T axles/rebuilt halfshaft
      • Pacesetter short throw shifter
      • Nyoil Shifter bushings

      Suspension Modifications

      • BJ protege front struts
      • 90-94' protege H&R springs
      • Cusco camber plates on all corners
      • MX3 rear TTL's with superpro polyurethane bushings
      • MX3 front control arms with spherical LCA bushings
      • MX6 front spindles(5lug)
      • Progress 22mm 2 point adjustable rear swaybar w/ solid heim joint endlinks
      • ZX2 front swaybar
      • Front/Rear Lower tie bars (thanks darryl)
      • Corksport front upper strutbar


      • MX6(F2T) front brake system
      • Powerslot front rotors
      • Protege LX rear disc brakes

      Interior Modifications

      • Mx3 recaro front seats w/ drivers tilt
      • Blue interior (rare)
      • LX rear seats
      • Full LX guages/instrumentation
      • Silver painted guage bezel
      • Autometer Colbalt series boost guage
      • Greddy Profec B electronic boost controller


      • Kenwood head unit
      • Apline front speakers

      Exterior Modifications

      • GTR hood vents
      • LED rear upper spoiler]
      • Interplay front bumper
      • GTX rear bumper
      • GTX sideskirts
      • EDM headlights
      • EDM foglightgrill w/ familia emblem


      • currently mismatched f/r
      • 15x7 15.7lb Borbet BS wheels in front
      • Eneki 16x7 wheels in rear

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      FE3 angle shot F2T Mfactory LSD F2T Mfactory LSD 2 F2T Mfactory LSD 3 F2T Mfactory LSD complete Mfactory LSD installed F2T LSD transmission assembled F2T flywheel 3.5lbs lightened & reblanced Kia Sportage Windage tray intake manifold Upper chamber intake manifold Lower chamber Fidanza FE3 cam gears Kia sportage/4G63 tubular manifold hybrid Turbo/manifold/downpipe
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      FE3-323 thank you!! 06-12-2011
      turbospoolin thats some nice stuff ya got there, lookin good 06-12-2011
      Mazda_Powered man this thing will be a beast lol, I want to know your reviews on that Emusa EWG though, I was eyeing the same one as well, look fairly decent for quality 04-04-2011
      FE3-323 mazda FE3... mx6/626/capella overseas 03-29-2011
      ratch <3
      FE3? whats that from? the Kia Sephia?
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