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  1. 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!!

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      Engine modifications

      • - It was a Stock B6 1.6L SOHC
        (only had 156,000 original miles on the car,
        got it off the original owner, lady driven and garage kept)
        - Swapped in a 1.8 BP DOHC ( complete tear down and rebuilt )
        - ACL main and rod bearings
        - Stock internals, new rings
        - Head and Block decked
        - Machined valves and new seats
        - all new gaskets , seals ( Original Mazda OEM Parts )
        - After market Zena Mushroom air cleaner
        - HKS Wire Set
        - OBX Header ( Modified to work for 323 )
        - Full length custom S.Steel 2.25" exhaust with S.Steel Magnaflow Muffler
        - Ebay 2 core GTX Aluminum Radiator

      Drivetrain Modifications

      • - It was a Stock, Automatic
        - Kia K24 5spd, complete tear down and rebuilt
        - All new Mazda OEM bearings/races and seals
        - AWR Polyurethane engine and tranny mounts ( all 4 mounts )
        - B&M Short Shifter
        - Bronze Oiliet Shifter Bushings

      Suspension Modifications

      • - Full redo of all suspension bushings with Super Pro Polyurethane bushings
        - All suspension parts powder coated, Subframe,Rear Cross Memeber
        - 4 point front tie bar and 2 point for the rear made by JP Motorsports
        - Factory solid GT front and Rear sway bars. New End links
        - Stock Mazda front strut bar and Ultra Racing rear strut tower brace
        - Cusco Front Camber Plates
        - Pillow Ball Solid Rear Plates
        - H&R Triple C Camper bolt for Rear Camber Adjustment
        - Ground Control coil overs with Custom Helper springs( Front and Rear )
        - Tokico Blue Struts
        - New Front Wheel Bearings
        - New Front Ball Joints


      • - Complete swap over from Canadian Protege GT 4 wheel discs
        - New Front and Rear Calipers
        - Corksport SS brake lines
        - EBC Slotted / Dimpled Rotors
        - EBC Green Stuff Pads


      • - Stock interior is in mint condition , super clean !!!!
        - Canadain Protege GT front seats.

      Exterior Modifications

      • - Interplay Two hole front bumper ( Original Mazda OEM part )
        - JDM Familia Center grill
        - Tyco Clear headlights , w/ Clear corners
        - Power Side mirrors
        - Soon to have Lower Hatch Spolier
        - Colour Matched door handles
        - Mazda Front and Rear OEM Mud Guards


      • - American Racing 15 x 7 wheels
        - Custom, one off Aluminum center caps with "Mazda Speed" Black and Chrome decals
        - Falken RT-615K , 205/15/50
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      Going to change the front bumper cover for a JSpec GTX one. Clean driver with MX-3,  15" wheels on it . Almost looks stock with them on it The rear is going to have a GT-R bumper cover change over . Small SOHC 1.6L ... low 150,000Kms on it . but ins an automatic . No Power !!!!! The 1990 GT donor car and my 323. Started tearing down the GT for the brakes and suspension , motor The bigger BP 1.8L motor destine for the 323. Cant wait for the power difference The dismantling has begun !! The rear end is out and the front is next. After install of new suspension , brakes and wheels .... Sitting lower now .. stiff too , rides like ago-cart ..lol 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 4605 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 4606 Custom one off CNC'd "Mazdaspeed" intake Uber Clean /Fresh Engine , Zero Miles on it . The final finished engine bay . Simple, Clean and factory correct Stock " GT " interior Two hole interplay bumper That JDM goodness... Familia center grill and Interplat 2 hole bumper . Nice sticky Falken RT-615K's , 205/15/15 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 5769 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 5770 The final finished project , its now a " GT " 323 like from the factory. Why they never imported these to North America I will never understand . Mazda could have been a force against the Honda Noobs and the their Civics. 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 5772 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 5803 1993, 323 SE model Transformed into a Factory GT !!!! - Photo 5804
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      Created: 02-16-2009 05:29 PM
      Last Modified: 09-15-2011 12:00 AM
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      underclassman Hey man, really enjoyed your photos of the car. Great build. Love the red too! 07-18-2012
      me109 Your "sitting lower now" pic (3rd from last) belongs in a dealer brochure. Super clean 323! 08-05-2010
      analytical He doesn't have the DOHC in the 323, it's in his protege you can see the square lights. Clean 323 though, especially if that's original paint. 07-27-2009
      Mr GoD sooooO clean and fresh ! i love your thread. 07-11-2009
      bpt323 Looks good with the DOHC in there, it has the taste of belonging 03-09-2009
      deathtrigga there is something soo canadian about this car but i just cant figure out what 03-05-2009
      jturbo323 nice clean 323 alot better that mine was when i first bought mine outside looks really clean even the engine bay it say sell the engine to fund the build up of your 323. but great car good starting platform to work with. also will look even better with that 1.8 swapped into it. 03-02-2009
      323Permin The first post ... I am sure glad there is a forum for these cars . Cause I am looking for parts to transform my car into what I envision ... which is a front wheel drive version of a GT/GTR.

      I tracked down a 1990 Protege GT , so I have a 1.8L DOHC engine and 5 spd transaxle for it .

      If anyone has leads to some of the body parts I am looking for drop me a message.

      Front and rear bumpers .. but more importantly is the lower rear hatch spoiler off a GTR .

      I will be stripping down the GT soon and will have some parts left over for sale . So I will post them as I gather them up.

      But do note I am keeping the rear disc brakes , engine , wiring ecu etc , transaxle & linkage , front seats, side mirrors and its electronics.

      Everything else is up for sale $$ . if you need anything specific e-mail me .

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