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  1. 2003 MazdaSpeed Protege

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      Engine modifications
      • 1.8 BP Swap From 91 EGT
        T4oe Turbocharger
        GTX Exhaust Manifold
        T4 Adaptor Plate
        3" ID Downpipe
        3" Exhaust
        Stock MSP muffler
        3" Ovalized Intake
        2.5" Mandrel Bent Intercooler Piping
        Front Mount Intercooler
        VAF Deleted
        Forge BOV
        RX-7 550cc Injectors
        MSD Blaster2 Coil
        Bosch Spark Plug Wires
        Lex's PnP MegaSquirt ECU with 4 Bar MAP Sensor Launch Control and Flat Shift Add Ons
        Blitz SBC-ID EBC
        Innovate LC-1 Wideband o2
        Down Pipe Wrapped
        A/C Delete
        P/S Delete
        SS Oil Feed/Drain Lines
        Protege5 Radiator Swap
        Custom Coolant Hoses

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Clutchmaster 6-Puck Clutch

      Suspension Modifications
      • Front under car brace deleted

      • OEM MazdaSpeed F + R

      Interior Modifications
      • Blitz SBC-ID EBC ControllerAftermarket Tach

      • Rear Subwoofer + tray deleted

      Exterior Modifications
      • JDM Famillia Badge

      • Mazda3 GT Wheels and Stock MSP Wheels
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      1.8 BP-T Spring 2012 GTX Manifold, T4oe turbo, 3" Intake, 3" Wrapped Downpipe, SS Oil Feed/Drain, Protege5 Radiator Front Mount Intercooler 2.5 in/out Launch Control @ 4500 RPM MSP BP-T
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      mx3gtr thinking of doing a bp swap to my sport 20 project. insight to the wiring? im trying to keep the coil packs from original protege engine. using some parts from a miata bp coil pack engine should make things work. just wondering what the technical data was for this swap. anything helps. used to know a guy that had a KLDE swapped msp. similiar wiring. coil packs should be easier. was it stand alone. how did the ECU work and if you had both ECU. trying to do clean. 1 ECU and still keep everything else. 05-05-2015
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