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  1. 1993-mazda -323

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      Engine modifications
      • 2x msd 6al,haltech stand alone,turbo2 coils,3bar map sensor,msd wires,1200cc injectors,gt30-40 bb turbo,custom flat top pistons and rods by creative p,99miata head port and polish by creative p,honda civic radiator,

      Drive train Modifications
      • act clutch,fidansa fly wheel, custom straight cut gear set, custom lsd,

      Suspension Modifications
      • i have not decided

      • stock

      Interior Modifications
      • none

      • stolen ''m.i.a''

      Exterior Modifications
      • primer/black and protege front grill. i will be painting her red and black.

      • R1 racing wheels
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      1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2628 custom manifold for the bp my last engine! gtx with a detonation problem my new haltech setup 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2633 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2634 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2635 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2636 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2637 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2638 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2639 1993-mazda -323 - Photo 2640 this is what you get if you use a autozone clutch this is what you get if you use a autozone clutch this is what you get if you use a autozone clutch
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      bpt323 wow, psiturbo is a little full of it isn't he 07-20-2009
      psiturbo All that custom head port is just a waste of money, many are running 10 and 11's on stock cylinder heads... with 550cc injectors.

      Just because you have that manifold from Creative dont mean crap...
      Mr GoD nice ride! when are all 323's gonna have a meet ? lets make this happen 11-24-2008
      burntgamer great photo gallery 08-03-2008
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