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  1. 1993 mazda protege dx

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      Engine modifications
      • KLDE 2.5L

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • mx3 front swaybar, control arms, hubs,rotors brake calipers. on the rear protege lx disc brakes conversion

      Suspension Modifications
      • sprint springs, escort zx2 struts

      • mx3 front calipers and rotors, rear lx brake swap

      Interior Modifications
      • full LX conversion including door locks jdm a/c switch, center console

      • factory

      Exterior Modifications
      • jdm head lights,side markers, grill,rear garnish,door moldings, vent visors, rear jdm silvia spoiler

      • oem lx wheels, miata wheels
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      that is how she looks now 1993 mazda protege dx - Photo 1957 1993 mazda protege dx - Photo 1958 miata wheels after klde was done 1993 mazda protege dx - Photo 1961 installing the front mount when the pro was dohc the xtreme 60 on the dohc klde wating to go in
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      Created: 05-19-2008 10:27 PM
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      Author Comment Date
      92protege5spd Nice pro. looks clean! 06-09-2012
      SleptWithURWife Awesome car. The Miata wheels look great. 12-20-2010
      javii323 bad ass pro..were did you get your front lip or were is it from?? 01-31-2010
      sohc 1.8t esta pinta con pintura de aceite de reja 03-07-2009
      sohc 1.8t me puedes traer la 323 de j el porton de reja 03-07-2009
      sohc 1.8t tengo un mugroso atenza para el mardito v6 03-07-2009
      bpt323 do you like the V6 more then a boosted BP??? 10-23-2008
      miK3Pro nice ride.... i like how dem miata wheels look on ur pro... 07-06-2008
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