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  1. 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car

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      About my car
      • I bought this car early last year to use as an enduro car in the Impact Survival Series' (http://iraceiss.com/ISS/Home.html) 2010 season. (And hopefully a few seasons after that. There's alot of contact, so you never know, lol!) I found it sitting in a farm field here in Sheboygan, WI.

        EDIT 10/17/2010: It is scary fast for an enduro car, and is the track record holder at 141 speedway. It is getting VERY beat up but will keep getting rebuilt.

      Engine modifications
      • Mostly stock 1.8L DOHC. Has a Spectre cone filter and a straight through exhaust. (A 2" custom exhaust with a glasspack.) exhintake cam swap, 1994 protege tubular manifold.
        Future mods: None anymore

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Stock tranny with a replacement clutch that replaced another replacement clutch. Modified stock shifter to make shorter throws.

      Suspension Modifications
      • Zx2 SR tokico struts with stock protege springs. Will be setting it up for each track. Mazda 323 manual rack & pinion (Brand new rear struts and springs. Also added bracing for the frame, as it was just about gone.)

      • Stock 4 wheel discs. Corksport braided stainless hoses.

      Interior Modifications
      • Gutted out, with only the original dash left. A 6 point roll cage. (By Bones Welding) An aluminum racing seat. A blue 5 point harness. A custom switchpanel. (as the car came with no keys.)

      • Nothing. Don't need it for racing, and the exhaust is to loud anyway.

        I also installed an in car camera system.

      Exterior Modifications
      • No windows except windshield, no lights, no plastic trim. Hood pins and deck lid pins added. Chevy lumina steel bumper to replace heavily damaged plastic original. Painted two tone blue/silver. (with tons of dents and scratches from contact while racing)

      • Steel 14" rims. 175/70R14 tires for 1/4 mile tracks. 185/70R14 General Altimax RT tires for 1/3 mile paved tracks. 195/70R14 Bridgestone Blizzak WS60 tires for dirt tracks. 185/70/R14 Sumitomo HTR200 tires for the Milwaukee Mile.
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      my new enduro car. Work in progress. 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4543 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4544 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4545 Door bars. Took the picture before welding them up. Motor from when I got the car. 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4548 new paint sanding finished 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4637 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4638 yes, that frame is rusty. custom cup holder made from my resonator. window net practice practice 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 4645 side exit exhaust new fuel tank finished car me at the milwaukee mile. ilwaukee mile race. I finished 10th in my class. Photo of myself almost getting crushed by a rolling cavalier at 141 speedway. exhaust cam for exhaust/intake cam swap. 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 5268 1992 mazda protege lx enduro car - Photo 5269 me at the milwaukee mile. current condition. engine current
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      Maz-Que? The video of you rolling was awesome, Hope you were alright haha. 02-09-2011
      Racerboy I wish I could, lol, but the rules say I can only use oem car bumpers.

      It doesn't say that it has to be from the same type of car, though...... Maybe i'll get an old chromed steel car bumper off of some '60's full size car and narrow it to fit my car, so that I don't have to worry about collisions, lol! Or maybe not. I don't want to make enemies.
      psiturbo You need to put one of those front metal bumpers similar to what state troopers use on their SUV to ram into other vehicles, make it Mad Madix.

      Racerboy Yeah, i know about the metal tube. But I have to use the factory dash, and I'm pushing it as is, lol! In order to get the cross bar to be low enough to read the gauges, I had to cut a bit out, and the glove box is now gone. I'll post more pics after painting it! 04-10-2010
      deathscort93 sweet deal depending on what i buy for my next proect after my truck i might be doing the same also. and you know if you rip or unscrew all the dash plastic off their is a thick metal tube that runs straight across and bolts to both pillers. i was going to use it as a starting point for a cage in my 96. looks like a blast to drive 04-06-2010
      psiturbo Nice, it looks awesome, cant wait to see it racing. 03-31-2010
      Racerboy Cory Creation, I'm not really sure how much it weighs. I'm guessing around 1700 right now. And no, I didn't keep any of it. Most of it was in horrible condition. 03-29-2010
      cory_creation with everything gutted how much do u think the car ways, also do u still have any of the interior from this car? 03-29-2010
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