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      Picture Links:
      6/6/09 Protege
      3/12/08 Protege & 323 pics
      11/4/07 - Miata
      4/22/07 - My Mazda Museum pics!
      3/1/07 - 323 and Group Shots
      1/25/07 - Lowered Protege and a few of the Miata
      1/16/07 - Lowered Protege Pics 1
      11/21/06 - 20 Great Photos of Both Cars
      1/16/07 - Protege Pics
      11/14/06 - Miata Pics
      11/12/06 - Miata Pics
      10/31/06 - Miata Pics
      10/4/06 - Miata Pics
      8/27/06 - Protege Pics
      8/3/06 - Miata Pics
      2/15/06 - 1 Miata Pic
      2/11/06 - Miata Pics
      2/10/06 - Miata Pics 2
      2/10/06 - Miata Pics
      2/7/06 - Miata Pics
      1/29/06 - Miata Pics
      1/19/06 - 2 More Pics
      1/19/06 - Both Cars
      11/22/05 - Both Cars
      6/30/05 - Protege Interior/Engine Bay
      1/10/05 - 1 Protege Pic
      12/12/04 - Protege Pics

      Vital Information
      • Purchased 10/18/04
      • Initial Purchase Price: $1,353
      • 171K miles(bought with 132K)
      • $800+ in initial Mazda parts/$200 in junkyard parts to bring car up to good condition
      • Highest attained speed: 140mph, followed by the smell of pistons #3 and #4 melting.
      • Fastest 1/4 mile time: 16.5 @ 84mph(contributing mods at the time: RX-7 B-code AFM, test pipe/stock exhaust/BJ Protege muffler, Miata wheels and tires)
      • Dynoed 3/18/07 on a Mustang Dyno - 121.3whp, 114wtq, simulated 1/4 mile run of 16.25, wieght listed for the Protege was too heavy

      Back on the road 3/15/09 with 152,352 miles, new rods and pistons.

      BPT Engine modifications
      • CP 9.0:1 pistons
      • ETD H-beam rods
      • Familia GT-X BPT, 72K KMs, BP26 ECU, US wireharness, added 4 wire TPS connector, 4 wire O2 sensor
      • RB Performance/Steve's(TurboProto) FMIC kit - Click here for details
      • 2.5" downpipe-back custom exhaust
      • Maz1.8T's 60A front & rear solid motor mounts
      • K&N cone
      • Miata battery
      • Honda coolant overflow tank
      • TorqFlo 16" radiator fan
      • PLX DM-5 wideband/gauge
      • 3BarRacing hybrid boost controller
      • Walbro 255lph fuel pump
      • Custom thrown-together intake

      N/A BP Performance parts

      Drivetrain Modifications

      Suspension Modifications
      • BC Racing BR series coilovers
      • ZX-2 S/R shocks - removed
      • Eibach springs - removed
      • Familia GTX front strut tower bar
      • Ractive rear strut tower bar
      • MX-3 GS "Performance Rod" AKA rear tie bar

      Interior Modifications
      • '92-'93 MX-3 front seats originally in my 323
      • '92 MX-3 steering wheel center
      • MX-3 rear console with lid - Click for details
      • MX-3 leather shift boot
      • Millenia leather parking brake boot
      • '98+ Mazda CD/Radio headunit
      • MX-3 lap belt buckles
      • MX-3 driver's side lower dash panel for wideband gauge install - relocated dimmer switch to upper dash

      Exterior Modifications
      • Familia GTX front bumper
      • Other than North America rear bumper
      • 323 Sedan trunk garnish(from NZ, thanks Lunacy!)
      • '92 MX-3/929 "square" Mazda grill emblem(like the '92 MX-3 steering wheel)
      • Removed trunk emblems, Protege MP3 "mazda" emblem added
      • Removed original dealer painted-on pin striping

      • 2001-2003 Miata 5 spoke 16X6.5 15.5lb wheels
      • 205/45 Trazano/Westlake SA-05s - yeah, cheapies!
      • Winter Wheels: Miata "hollow spoke" 14X6 10.8lb - Stolen
      • Winter Tires: 185/60 2 Mirada GT-X and 2 Lemans - Stolen

      • Refab'd headliner
      • MX-6 injectors + more boost
      • Bigger turbo, proper tuning, etc etc - some day...

      My Prehistoric vB Garage

      Miata A-Package
      Vital Information
      • Purchased 11/19/05
      • Initial Purchase Price:$2,900
      • 128K miles(bought with 99K)
      • Minimal repairs necessary initially
      • Previous owner bought a new Mazda vinyl soft top for the car 2 years before I bought it, car was always serviced at my dealership
      • Both rocker panel rust spots repaired/quarters clear coated/rockers painted, $1550 total(this includes a $350 rear half of a donor Miata)
      • Highest attained speed:130mph
      • 15.8 @ 88mph, first and only run at the track with a horrible launch

      Engine modifications
      • Jackson Racing Supercharger kit(6psi pulley hotside non-intercooled, JR Powercard fuel management)
      • Bosal/Brospeed 4-2-1 header
      • Jackson Racing high-flow converter
      • Bosal/Brospeed catback
      • K&N cone right behind the headlight

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Competition Clutch Stage 2 clutch kit
      • Competition Clutch 13lb flywheel
      • MazdaSpeed Motorsports motor mounts

      Interior Modifications
      • 2nd gen MX-6 leather-wrapped steering wheel/airbag
      • '98+ Mazda CD/Radio headunit
      • Miata C-Package tweeter speakers
      • M-Marketing dual maplight rearview mirror
      • Millenia leather parking brake boot
      • '99-'05 Miata shift knob

      Exterior Modifications
      • Mazda R-package front lip(2nd one, the first peeled, replaced under warranty)
      • Mazda R-package rear lip
      • Mazda 3 antenna
      • Mazda 'wing' emblem on the bumper...
      • Wiper delete!

      • STD Standard Performance Suspensions coilovers, 13 levels of dampening!
      • Flyin'Miata front and rear swaybars

      • '01-'02 Miata 5 spoke 15X6 13.2lb wheels
      • 205/50 Bridgestone Potenza RE-11s
      • Drift tires - Stolen...arg...
      • Extra wheels - '99-'00 Miata 5 spoke 15X6

      • 2 Titanium-color hard tops(1 free, 1 $200, sold one for $960!)
      • Factory top boot cover(free)
      • Factory window protector sleeve(free)
      • Robbins Tonneau Cover(free)

      • Sometime soon:
      • Diff seals and a driveshaft, ugh.
      • MazdaSpeed Motorsports diff mounts - have em, not installed, it'll be a huge pain to do these!
      • Smaller supercharger pulley = more boost
      • Cloth top since my vinyl one is cracking. ARG!!
      • Rust repair...the never ending saga.

      1988 323 SE
      My 323 CarDomain site - info on my car and tons of info/articles/ads/brochures of the BF chassis - not updated since mid '04
      Vital Information
      • SOLD!! 10/3/10 > 85,000 miles
      • Purchased new by an uncle from my dealership. My dad bought it from him in '91, and I bought it from my dad 2/22/07
      • My Purchase Price:$750
      • 84K miles
      • This was my first car(to drive)
      • T-boned by a Dakota 9/31/04
      • Repaired from Jan '05 and got the car back in Feb '06, $980 to fix it(I paid!)
      • Highest attained speed: 110mph(had more left in it )
      • Never been to track(Why!)

      5 Speed Swap Info
      • Swap started/completed 9/16/07 at 78,105 miles
        All went well and the car is amazingly better. Quicker, more fun to drive, quieter, should get much better fuel economy, handles better, list goes on and on. If you are contemplating a 5 speed swap, DO IT, you won't regret it.
      • The BF 323 auto to 5 speed swap seems to be the easiest auto to manual swap ever. All that's needed is the transmission, the front trans mount bracket, shift linkage, pedal assembly, clutch cable, dust shield, clutch, and flywheel. ECU, mounts, axles, starter, harness, all are the same.

      Engine modifications
      • 5 speed swap - all OEM parts
      • K&N Cone

      Interior Modifications
      • '94 MX-3 uncomfortable front seats originally in my Protege - Click for details
      • Tracer door panels & rear panels
      • Tracer tilt-adjustable rear seats
      • 323 LX gauge cluster w/tach
      • '79 RX-7 4 spoke steering wheel
      • '98+ Mazda CD/Radio
      • MX-3 leather shift boot
      • NA Miata shift knob
      • '98+ 626 leather parking brake boot/handle
      • 323 LX adjustable seat angle
      • 323 clock
      • 323 LX dome light w/map lights
      • 323 LX center console w/cubby
      • '86-'87 RX-7 Enkei alloy spare wheel/tire
      • 323 LX hatch remote fuel door and hatch release
      • '90-'94 Miata bi-fold visors

      Exterior Modifications
      • GT-X grill/chrome emblem
      • Protege LX red door handles
      • Removed side moulding
      • Lock-less fuel door
      • Tracer dual horns
      • 2 brand new Mazda headlights w/SilverStars

      • 323 LX 13" alloy wheels
      • 175/70 Bridgestone Turanza LS-T

      In the works: '03 Protege5!

      My Protege5 WorkLog thread

      Found it! '03 Protege5 from ForceFed on the Mazdas247 forums. It was his project car that he decided not to finish. Here's the rundown:
      • Fully repainted, body is mint.
      • MSP front bumper(no bumper marker lights)
      • MSP headlights
      • MSP front swaybar
      • JDM taillights
      • Full car minus engine and transmission - just the way I wanted it!
      • A slew of new Mazda parts inside and out, not sure why though

      The car has 80,980 miles. The previous owner(previous to ForceFed that is) didn't take care of it at all, ran it out of oil, dings and dents galore, scratched interior panels, smoked in it, etc etc. Luckily with all of ForceFed's effort, the car is a very nice starting point for me.

      It's a base 5 speed car with the ABS/side airbags package, MSRP was $17,645(I even have the window sticker for it).

      Picked it up Sunday Oct. 19th, 2008, 4 years and 1 day after buying my BG Protege.(nice coincidence)

      Planned list of plans(lol!):
      Stuff Installed:
      • 2.5 KL V6 swap - '99 626 V6 5 speed(engine, trans, wireharnesses, subframe, mounts, axles, ECU, A/C lines, etc etc - 110K miles, $500!)
      • ACT street clutch kit
      • Protege MP3 17" wheels
      • MP3 shift linkage
      • Millenia Enkei alloy spare wheel
      • KL new bullet-proofing parts:
        -Timing Belt
        -Water Pump
        -Valve Cover Gaskets
        -Intake Manifold Gaskets
        -Cam Seals
        -Crank Seals
        -Spark Plugs
        -Lots of stuff I'm forgetting

      Stuff not installed:
      • Leather Protege5 seats - at my brother's shop that flooded - prolly destroyed, haven't been there since.
      • Ground Control coilovers
      • Protege MP3 Tokico shocks(brand new along with the RacingBeat springs that I'm not using)
      • Protege MP3 RacingBeat rear swaybar
      • Greddy SP2 Protege5 Catback exhaust - Doesn't fit right, prolly for sedan
      • RX-7 Convertible BBS wheels/decent tires - just kinda have 'em.
      • '88-'92 626 5th gear swap
      • Accessory rear cargo tray

      • Radiator/fans
      • Fog lights
      • Lots of bits: Millenia throttle cable, crank sensor, trans plug, reverse sensor, couple of O2 sensors...

      '03 Protege5-B

      Preliminary info

      This car was a Buy-Here-Pay-Here unit at my dealership. The customer stopped paying, and the car was over-heated. We repo'ed it and towed it back to the dealership... I saw it, asked about it, and ended up buying it. Why not?

      • Purchased for $1,700 + ~$400 for a 'new' FS-DE and parts
      • 97,XXX miles
      • Slap-stick Automatic
      • Factory options include - Polished alloys, moonroof/6CD package, cargo net, compass/autodimming mirror
      • Mods: Silverstar headlight bulbs, roof rack bars delete, rear plate bracket delete, Millenia Enkei alloy spare, fully PDR'ed!! lol

      Come to find out the alternator locked up, threw the belt and with the water pump not turning it over-heated and warped the head. My dad and I put an '02 626 FS-DE in, swapped the cams, did the valve adjustment, and lots of new parts. Runs GREAT, gets good MPG, and even though it's an automatic, it's not bad. Just the car I needed! Quiet, smooth, runs on 87 octane, totally enjoyable.

      1988 323 GT

      Picked this one up for $400. Needs some paint work but is rust free and all there. Running, driving... 207,000 miles.
      [list][*]Tires[*]Unopened VAF - installed[*]Driver's window regulator[*]Driver's mirror glass[*]Sunroof handle[*]Lots of small things

      What am I doing with this car? Not even sure. I'll probably fix it up, enjoy it for a bit, then sell it to someone who wants to keep it.

      Last Updated: 9/5/12 @ 11 PM CST
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      The Protege's Interior The Miata's BP with the Jackson Racing SuperCharger kit The 323's B6 The Protege's BPT The 323's interior The 323 The 323 The Protege and the Protege5 The Protege The rear of the Protege The side profile of the Protege with other than US bumpers The Miata Drifting the Miata The Protege5, still engineless... The back of the Miata Miata with smooth-finish wheels and R-package lip Protege at the now canceled Boeing autocross Protege autocrossing... The Protege The Protege Protege5 with my '00 Miata next to it. The KL mounted in the Protege5... longest project ever... The Miata Both P5s and my 2000 Miata that I sold 9/28/10 Protege5-B and Protege5-KL : Both not running at the moment. :/ Both of my silver '03 P5s... working on the KL swap at the time Protege5-B after the new engine and all cleaned up Protege5-B dealer-taggin' Protege5-B cleaned interior Cruisin' in the Miata The Miata Cruisin' in the Miata Me in my Protege The 323, the day before I sold it. Clean!
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      MazKid I got the rear bumper through CorkSport. They normally sell the later, rounder bumper that matches the '2-hole' front bumper. The one I have matches my '3 hole' front bumper. Took them a while to get it from Mazda of Europe, and had a few hiccups getting all of the hardware from them. Well worth it though, and the factory Protege mudflaps bolt right on! 04-06-2012
      jose hey man nice protege do u know where can i find the rear bumper u have on ur protege 04-06-2012
      MazKid Which bumper? My '94 Protege has the Japanese '90-'91 bumpers, front I got from a group-buy on here years ago and the rear I got brand new from Mazda Europe through CorkSport, years ago. Special ordered, not the one they normally carry. 01-26-2012
      Dondodi Nice nice where can I find a bumper like that 01-26-2012
      MazKid Just updated it Ryan! Forgot to after putting the new coilovers on the Miata. Also put up some new pics! 11-28-2009
      bpt323 any new updates ryan? 11-27-2009
      TheOnenOnly ur pro is nice but it would look sicker lowered =] 07-15-2009
      MazKid I got the front bumper through a container group buy on the forums a few years back. You can get the bumper from, which is where I got my rear one from. 06-07-2009
      jwromas Where did you get the Familia GT-X front bumper. Did you order it or can I find it in someones elses junk yard 06-07-2009
      jwromas Yes where did you get front bumper familia gt-x. Did you have to order it or can I find it on ebay or something like that 06-07-2009
      MazKid Thanks! 02-02-2009
      Mr GoD niceeee mazda collection! 02-02-2009
      PROTO good man good 01-06-2009
      Krazyman I have always loved your Protege... the GTX front lip is Beautiful!! 10-06-2008
      MazKid Thanks dude! 10-01-2008
      Random_ES Nice cars bro! 10-01-2008
      Justbp-me I love all your cars to death but I think you should split them up into three sections so we could get a better rundown and individual pics. 03-27-2008
      MazKid I don't have pics of it in progress...but if you go to the 323 cardomain site(see link on my VB gallery in the 323 section) you'll see some pics of the interior with the auto shifter. Believe me, we did make it a manual. 03-06-2008
      Justbp-me I gotta see the converted 323. It says you changed it to manual I just don't see the pics of that though. 03-05-2008
      MazKid Uhm...mine came with the car, from the Mazda factory. Read up on the forums, the Protege LX came with the DOHC BP engine as a standard feature. 04-08-2007
      kris mazda just email me at 04-08-2007
      kris mazda where did u get the DOHC engine for ur protege i have the SOHC 1.8L in mine and i want to change it 04-08-2007
      MazKid The airdam on the Miata? That won't fit a Protege, it's too Protege has the Japanese Familia GT-X front bumper... 04-06-2007
      hullabaloos So that front air dam... Does that fit a 91 protege dx because I was going to modify mine. What kind of air dam and where do I get one? 04-06-2007
      MazKid I work at a Mazda/Subaru dealership as a new car detailer, so I can keep the paint looking good pretty easily. 11-14-2006
      MazKid Yes, it's the original paint. The rear passenger door and front bumper came off of other cars, but that's the original paint on them too. 11-14-2006
      HaitianProtege Is that the orignal paint? 11-14-2006
      MazKid Must do both!! 11-12-2006
      Jho Must lower car!! 11-12-2006
      bpt323 Must finish turbo!! 11-11-2006
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