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  1. 1994 Mazda Protege LX GTR Turbo Swap

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      Latest update (02/28/2008): 343whp/318wtq at 22-23psi

      Engine Modifications
      • Wiseco 9:1 +1mm pistons
      • Carillo H-Beam rods
      • 2000 Miata head
      • Teflon crank scraper
      • Fidanza adj. cam gears
      • RC Engineering 550cc low-impedance injectors
      • Walbro fuel pump
      • Vishnu dual-feed fuel rail

      Turbo Goodies
      • GTR intake manifold modified to fit 2000 Miata head and painted with "Turbo Protege" logo
      • GTR exhaust manifold with four EGT bungs and ceramic coated
      • VJ-23 with ceramic coated exhaust housing and bypassing internal wastegate
      • DIY divorced downpipe with external wastegate
      • DIY 3" stainless exhaust
      • Tial V44 (because it uses v-band clamps)
      • PWR water/air intercooler

      Engine Management/Electronics
      • Haltech E6X
      • Defi gauges
      • Innovate Motorsports LM-1 wideband O2, LM-3 Auxbox, and TC-4
      • COP setup using GM cops and CDI unit

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • C's short shifter
      • Nyloil bushings
      • ACT Z62-HDSS clutch
      • Corksport braided stainless clutch line

      Suspension Modifications
      • Eibach springs
      • Mazdaracer's lower tie bars
      • Energy Suspension bushings everywhere including custom install on rear lateral links


      • GAB 4-way adj. struts
      • ZX2 1" stabilizer bar
      • GTX strut tower bar


      • GAB 8-way adj. struts
      • Quickor 1" stablilizer bar on custom mounts
      • Mazdaspeed strut tower bar

      • Powerslot rotors
      • Hawk HPS pads
      • Techna-Fit braided stainless brake lines

      • Custom speaker/grill install
      • Front: Adire Audio Koda component set 6.5"+tweeter
      • Rear: Adire Audio Extremis 6.5"
      • Alpine CDA-9827 head unit in custom housing
      • Phoenix Gold Xenon 200.4 amplifier

      Exterior Modifications
      • EDM headlights
      • Grill with Familia emblem

      • Enkei RP-F1 15x7 41mm offset (9.8lbs each!)
      • Toyo T1-R 205/50
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      Front shot of car before anything DIY divorced downpipe (pic #1) DIY divorced downpipe (pic #2) DIY divorced downpipe (pic #3) GTR intake manifold with painted logo Front speaker install Front door panel/speaker grill Rear speaker install Rear deck/speaker grill COP plate setup Underside of rear deck.  Speaker was specifically chosen to clear strut tower bar. Head unit install.  Left space is for Defi display; right for LM-1 wideband O2.  Milled out of a chunk of aluminum and now powdercoated gray. Custom lateral link bushings.  This was before SuperPro made them for our cars. Quickor bar with custom mounts (pic from front). See how the bar is parallel to ground? Quickor bar with custom mounts (pic from rear). See how the bar is parallel to ground? Rear shot of car with Quickor bar installed on custom mounts. Beautiful Enkei RP-F1 15x7 and 9.8lbs each. DIY divorced downpipe (pic #4) DIY divorced downpipe (pic #5) DIY divorced downpipe (pic #6) GTR intake manifold modified to fit 2000 Miata head Engine bay (pic#1) Engine bay (pic#2) Dyno 02/28/2008 - 343whp/318wtq at 22-23psi
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      Member: ftjandra
      Created: 11-06-2006 08:18 PM
      Last Modified: 02-29-2008 04:53 PM
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      Author Comment Date
      sk8brdfan1 thats so bada** nice work 11-19-2010
      ejones clean pg ... a what wire harness did u use my ask .. 04-15-2010
      mazdarikankid yo man once again nice setup one of the best ive seen in my life 03-25-2009
      mazdarikankid beautiful beautiful down pipe man gd **** 03-25-2009
      Onehalfasia nice ****ing job dude, i wish i knew more about like, all that **** u did with the engine, like the haltech, and your spark/fuel and stuff :o 01-19-2009
      Krazyman Love the Radio mount!! Nice work on the car... did you custom do that? 01-14-2009
      ftjandra You talking about the rear lateral link bushings? Superpro now makes some, but you have to call them to get the right ones. The ones they list in the catalog (SPF1786K/SPF1787K) only fit the MX3 lateral links. 01-07-2009
      PROTO dood send me the link for those bushings yow i need them.oh and nice stuff yow HALLA 01-06-2009
      madtownmazda yup im slow as hell atm sorry lol can't help it when haven't slept in 2 days. 11-09-2008
      madtownmazda ahh i can't wait to build! dude you should totally keep everyone updated in a build thread unless you've made one and im slow lol 11-09-2008
      mclovin Awesome!!!! 08-25-2008
      mazkam I see you spent some crazy money on your setup all i can say is.... I LOVE IT 07-10-2008
      taz4fun that really looks nice. nice engine setup. 05-18-2008
      crazy protege DUDE TWO WORDS!!!!!.............HOLLY ****..................THAT IS THE MOST AMAZING JOB IVE EVER SEEN!!!!.......GREAT WORK MAN!!!! 05-15-2008
      BG-323-KING Nice setup bro,i somewhat have the same but no camgare and the 2000-miatahead stock.i made 350 on 17psi. 04-21-2008
      marlonthegreat I like what you did with the doors...sound deadening looks great...very clean 04-15-2008
      LaFlava damn that's a good looking BP. makes me want to go turbo. beautiful work sir. 04-15-2008
      SleptWithURWife Wow, impressive. You make me really want fix up my car. 03-06-2008
      Justbp-me Amazing, you really know your stuff. 02-25-2008
      smoke187 i want that aluminum radio mount looks nice 12-18-2007
      JM1EC-V6 real nice car ! We see that you understand your project and that you're determined to to the best for it. Congrats ! 12-17-2007
      91mazda323 not bad i am almost the samething but i got a t3 t4 turbo and is going to be on a 323 body 10-28-2007
      jasondouglas when its done can i barrow it 09-11-2007
      KLDE Wagon ahaha... air to water intercooler... LOL need to think b4 i speak 08-30-2007
      KLDE Wagon very nice, but what is with the big can b4 the TB? 08-30-2007
      jturbo323 nasty setup will murder alot of cars real sleeper looking with jdm goodies 07-09-2007
      bp turbo dam your car will be quick as hell can you let me in on your coil over lug set up i would like one for my car 05-11-2007
      ftjandra Do you mean at the flange by the turbo? Unlike the VJ-20, the VJ-23's exhaust housing is completely divided between the wastegate and main exhaust. 11-11-2006
      QuicKSilveR Nevermind, I see where its hookped up to. Is the gate open the divorced piped sealed off? 11-11-2006
      QuicKSilveR Nice work. But how is that Wastegate meant to do anything? 11-11-2006
      Darkk 1GEN looking nice keep the good work 11-11-2006
      bpt323 I really like the aluminum din/radio plate thats somethign i haven't seen yet. 11-08-2006
      turpro all i have too say is WOW. nice work 11-07-2006
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