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  1. 86 gt 323 Familia gtx 1800

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      Engine modifications
      • bigger turbo, Evo frontmount, filter, full exhaust,

      Drivetrain Modifications
      • front wd

      Suspension Modifications
      • king springs

      • bit bigger

      Interior Modifications
      • tacho, boost, temp guage, steering wheel, boost controller,recaro buckets

      • new one, cd

      Exterior Modifications
      • new paint, new17s, new alarm, smash tints, locks removed
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      my new ride project323 pick up day found a few rusty surprises and the black roof just had to go. it was in the air for a month trying to give it the original hatch look
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      Member: Mikeking
      Created: 11-01-2007 05:58 AM
      Last Modified: 11-01-2007 06:22 AM
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      javii323 BADEST OG 323 I HAVE SEEN...I'D HIT IT =] 02-06-2010
      FamiliaGT Man, I wish this version was available over here in the US. I would so rock the rear wiper windshield and that rear bumper. Me want!! 07-21-2009
      progt91 lovin the ride, looks great 07-01-2009
      jturbo323 great paint always loved bf 323 and this ones a 4door great job super clean 01-21-2009
      Krazyman I always loved these rear-ends... Great start! 12-03-2008
      Justbp-me I want one of those 04-20-2008
      808 She looks good. I love the pre-facelift. And the turbo quad lights. 02-11-2008
      93BlkOnGreenPro Thats a sexy 323 Gt! Nice. 01-29-2008
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