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  1. 1990 Mazda Protege GTR

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      Engine modifications
      • Fully Rebuilt BP Swap
      • Cut Intake Manifold
      • Battery Relocated to Trunk
      • 95 EGT ecu, harness, exhaust Manifold
      Drivetrain Modifications
      • Solid Front mount
      • GTR transmission
      • 90-93 Miata LSD
      Suspension Modifications
      • beaten and worn, badly needs new bushings all around
      • Slotted rotors, pretty much stock
      Interior Modifications
      • Completely gutted, NOTHING left, not even the plastic dust wrap on the doors
      • Accessories: Lighting and Wipers, nothing else
      • Wiring gutted/redone to bare minimum, about 25lbs removed
      • 1st Gen MX6 GT seats
      Exterior Modifications
      • dents, missing (IE torn from car) front tow hook
      • Custom light rack in front of the grill
      • 4 100watt 6" off road lights on rack
      • EGT 15" 7 spokers with summer tread
      • LX 14" with Green Diamond tires (look 'em up, badass)
      Future Modifications
      • 3rd Gen brake rotors
      • steel braided brake lines
      • steel under armour
      • Turbo, a VJ11/20 (I think that's the one) hybrid
      • Coilovers custom made to 1" longer
      • fuel cell in trunk
      • Full roll cage, with removable exterior crash bars
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      I need more ground clearance! My MX6 Seats, they hug you! My current dash, 2 red wires in the center are high/low beams
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      Last Modified: 04-28-2008 08:00 AM
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      Z5 mazda thats great, effin sweet ride.. ive gutted my 97 but nothin like that, you should upload some more pics 11-07-2007
      fastmatt1986 a rally version ratrod... nice mang. 06-20-2007
      Proto420 Car looks good, but get a dohc big power difference! 03-11-2007
      tokyo junior hell yea that's montana for ya 12-28-2006
      bpt323 AWESOME!!!! 11-22-2006
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